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Millennials: The Loophole in Your Web Design

millennials web design
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As humans, we ache for beauty in almost everything we see. It can be a dress or it can be a website. Either way, we’ve always been subconsciously attracted to anything that is visually appealing.

Designers and marketers have known this for some time, which is why they will often advocate for beautiful design that evokes an excellent user experience.

But, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that web design alone does not appeal to the generation you should be targeting most. The generation that makes up 35% of the workforce – millennials.

Who are the millennials?

millennials web design

Millennials are considered to fall in the age bracket 18-34; also known as Generation Y or the Net Generation. Famous for their digitally native capabilities, millennials are considered the technologically savvy generation.

Born in the era when technology started ruling the world, millennials instantly got used to depending on a variety of diverse technologies. Their demand for fast paced and high-quality content explains the fact they’re often seen with a smartphone in hand. And being born in the technological era gives them a power, a power to change the future of your business.

Why does your website need to be millennial friendly?

Other than the fact that millennials make up 22% of the population, there are several reasons why your website needs to be millennial friendly:

  • Millennials are well-versed in the latest technologies. No generation can beat them at being tech-savvy. And while we are moving towards an advanced technological era, the millennials are the ones who will be in maximum demand.
  • Millennials fall into the category of the best kind of brand marketers. They frequently write reviews and they constantly snap product photos to share on social media. This, in turn, attracts friends and followers who trust their judgment and immediately show interest in buying those products.

millennials web design

  • They possess an annual purchasing power of $1.3 trillion and makeup 35% of the workforce – that’s a whole lot of market potential!
  • Millennials can take down your brand on social media if their experience is not satisfactory. And since they are considered to be the best brand marketers, their word on a brand is taken quite seriously.
  • They are flexible and they won’t hesitate to jump over to a competitor’s website if they experience complex navigation or a bad UX.

So, we know the vital role millennials play in your brand marketing and you want to be sure you’re creating a millennial-friendly design. How do you get started?

How do I create a millennial friendly website?

Millennials only chant one mantra:

“It should have quality and it should be fast.”

You could be selling products or you could be selling services, but if your website doesn’t scream quality in the fastest and most convenient way possible, you may be in for some serious brand damage.

Here’s how you can stop that from happening.

  • Keep your website updated: One main website mistake that annoys millennials like crazy is not keeping pace with the world. 75% of millennials stated their biggest website peeve was when they weren’t kept up-to-date with content, news, and trends.
  • Be active on social media: Millennials and social media go hand in hand and Huffington Post has claimed that putting the two of them together has changed the world. 82% of millennials state that their trust in an organization rises if it has an account on social media, plus, 53% of millennials will always check businesses out on social media. So, keep those social icons visible.
  • Buying incentives: 90% of millennials look for coupons while buying anything online. Aim for attractive CTAs in the right places displaying amazing offers.

millennials web design

  • Mobile-friendly: Millennials are obsessed with smartphones. 98% of millennials aging from 18-24 and 97% of millennials aging from 25-35 use smartphones. So you can assume they’ll look up your website on a smartphone more often than a desktop.
  • Keep it short and simple: The millennials are the most impatient of the lot and they don’t want flashy videos, complicated description of products, or vague explanations. Keep product or service descriptions brief and to the point.
  • Easy to find: Millennials want easy access to information and they won’t hunt around for what they want. If they aren’t able to easily find what they came to your website for, they will instantly switch over to another website.
  • Means of contact: The millennials want to know all the possible ways to connect with you – a mere contact number won’t suffice. Giving them your email, your Skype i.d, your Twitter handle etc. ensures there are multiple ways through which they can reach you.
  • Funny and Personal content: Millennials don’t dig people overloading them with information and they don’t like it when we tell them what to do. They want the content to be warm, personal, and funny – not commanding and forceful.

millennials web design

  •  Show a cause: Millennials love it when there’s a cause behind anything. So, if you are doing something to support a noble cause, make sure you showcase it on your website in a way that draws attention.
  • Self-service: Millennials like being in control and they’d rather solve issues themselves than spend an hour on hold with customer service. For them, a website needs to have troubleshooting tips, FAQs, and self-help tutorial videos.
  •  Speed: Millennials don’t even take a second look at what’s not fast. They were born in a hard and fast era where they had and still have access to everything within seconds.
  •  Minimalism: Millennials hate clutter on a website and they won’t make an extra effort to gain clarity from clutter.
  •  Showcase content in different ways: Millennials have always been a huge fan of memes, videos, and gifs. Use visual content to turn boring messages into interesting ones.
  •  Storyboarding: A story holds the power to increase engagement. When millennials find a connection between your website and the products/services you sell, they are more prone to buying them.

But, how do I make sure I’m not overlooking other age groups?

millennials web design

Age responsive design is a huge deal and it means designing for all the generations put together at once. But, when it comes to millennials, they’re generally the hardest to please.

While every generation has its own preferences, we can assume each age bracket wants a clean and intuitive design that loads quickly, provides a clear message, and generates a smooth user experience.

And this is precisely what the millennials want most. So, when you focus on a millennial friendly approach, you’re actually appealing to a broader target market.

Key Takeaways

Millennials are undoubtedly impatient and picky, but they’re also predicted to account for $3.39 trillion in annual spending by 2018.

They may be tough to please, but they are the ones who bring in business in huge numbers. So, when you consider redesigning your website or designing a new one altogether, keep these three words in mind – Fast, Easy, and Quality.

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