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Since it was founded in 1989, luxury vehicle manufacturer Lexus has kept customers at the heart of its decisions, and it now sells in more than 70 countries and territories worldwide.

Leading digital agency AmazeRealise pioneered Lexus’ mission to create an award-winning website, but the teams realized this was just the start of the journey. In 2018, AmazeRealize chose Usabilla to incorporate customer feedback and build on Lexus’ success as it embarked on an ‘always on’ optimization program across Europe.

Choosing the right partner

In line with Lexus’ ambitions for the project, AmazeRealise and Usabilla decided to team-up to provide a Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution with the credibility and services to understand online user suggestions and frustrations.

Usabilla was implemented across key Lexus brand and product content, as well as core customer journeys, including test drive and brochure request funnels. Usabilla’s flexibility ensured a highly customized approach to fit seamlessly with Lexus’ premium look and feel.

Using JIRA as a Vehicle for Success

To streamline the feedback process, the AmazeRealise Customer Experience (CX) team developed a specific strategy, opting to use project tracking software JIRA. The JIRA integration allowed appropriate items to be sent to relevant AmazeRealise CX team members quickly to be acted upon.

With its wide market presence, the Lexus implementation was one of Usabilla’s most advanced to date. Multiple feedback features were implemented across the board for Lexus, from tracking the top tasks of visitors to specific In-Page interaction feedback.

Customer insight is crucial to us, and the partnership between AmazeRealise and Usabilla has enabled us to get a clear picture of what our users are thinking and feeling. The successful integration of the VoC solution across Europe means we are able to make the changes that enhance the customer experience and, ultimately, drive sales.

Vincent Tabel, Senior Manager, Brand Communications, Lexus Europe

Project Milestones

Lexus has implemented Usabilla in 20 European countries so far, with 18 more to come in 2019.

  • Lexus gained an armory of customer insights to achieve its ultimate goal of delivering best-in-class CX in the Automotive Industry.
  • With support from Usabilla feedback, Lexus achieved a test drive submission satisfaction rate of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Customer feedback data from Usabilla is now a core part of Lexus’ ‘always on’ optimization program.

Key Results

For AmazeRealise, the project has resulted in an intensified client relationship. The AmazeRealise teams are now responsible for further roll-out and continuous development of the digital experience for Lexus Europe with additional CX consultants working continuously on feedback collection and optimization.

Usabilla insights are presented quarterly to the Lexus Europe management team, increasing the number and level of strategic stakeholders invested in feedback. Monthly sessions are also held at Lexus to address the most pertinent CX challenges gathered from Usabilla insights.

The project’s success thus far is a testament to the strong potential of Usabilla and AmazeRealise as trusted, credible partners for best-in-class international agencies and enterprises.

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This piece was written in collaboration with Francesca McCallum-SuarezFabian Truijen, and Meghan Horvath

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