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Keizersgracht 221, the New Home of Usabilla!

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With the recent multiplication in numbers here at Usabilla, room was running out. Not only that, but with all of the construction on the Rokin outside our windows, it wasn’t the most peaceful of working environments. The balcony will be missed, as will the creative atmosphere of the old office and the memories…

New Home

However, this is all made up by our exciting new place! Keizersgracht 221 welcomes Usabilla. A quiet and peaceful area, beautiful surroundings, a garden and a veritable army of cats! We definitely feel like we’ve gone up in the world.

The Move

On Saturday, Sabina and Roel came in to clear tidy up the jungle of a garden. Greeting the cats and making the area presentable. Providing us with the nice and tidy green place we now have.

On Sunday the whole team got together to pack up the old office. With a little yellow van – its remote controlled ramp bringing out everyone’s childish side – we moved everything over to the new place and got set up ready for work the next day!

With so much space now available, the team has been split into two camps. The sales team occupying their own room at the front with lovely canal views. Development, Marketing and Management taking the rear of the building, looking over the garden and our feline friends.

Snoop Dogg

The team has been desperate to add a 10th, non-human, member to the team. With everyone disagreeing on who or what our new friend should be – from dogs to anacondas – the garden provided instead. As we were moving in this little guy wandered into the office to say hello. All welcome Snoop Dogg, the kitten (cheers Claudio)! Quite who he belongs to, no one knows, but he takes the title of ‘Pest Control’ at Usabilla.

Our New Address

If you ever need contact us, our new address is:

Usabilla B.V.
Keizersgracht 221
1016 DV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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