Introducing Usabilla360

Usabilla 360
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At Usabilla, we’re serious about feedback; after all, it’s at the heart of everything we do. We’re always talking about the value in listening to your users and the impact that it can have on improving your websites and products. So we thought it was about time to start practicing what we preach; enter, Usabilla360.

What is Usabilla360?

Usabilla 360

This new initiative is a small, interactive panel discussion that will happen every 3 months with a handful of current Usabilla users. The purpose? To get a better understanding of how you use the tool and importantly, how you want to use it. The idea is that this dedicated platform will mean we can learn much more about exactly what you need and want from Usabilla and get a deeper understanding of how we can improve the product with you in mind. As we said, we take your feedback seriously.

The session itself is a combination of discussion, brainstorming and creative tasks to try to inspire and learn from each other. 

With Usabilla360, we want to:

  • Encourage closer collaboration and discussion about the products and features we’re building to make sure we build the right things i.e. the things that would be most useful to you
  • Provide a regular, dedicated platform for you to share your ideas and experience with us (and with each other)
  • Create a way to inspire each other and share creative, efficient ways of using our tools
  • Inform you about some of our plans for the future and get you involved in the early ideation phase of developing new features/products
  • Understand how you look at your future needs/behaviours and trends/changes in your markets, so that we can adapt and make sure our solutions are ready for it

The First Session


We recently ran the pilot edition of Usabilla 360 and got some incredible results from the first session. The users that participated shared insights and tips on how to work with Usabilla’s campaign functionality. Our product team were able to collect valuable inspiration and ideas for how we can improve campaigns moving forward. A few main takeaways that we’ve already included on our roadmap are:

  • Improvements to the campaign result pages
    • New, improved visual style and UX
    • Improved charts section for easier analysis
    • More advanced and flexible filtering and sorting options for easier analysis
  • New targeting options for more personalized campaigns

As you can see, these sessions are already providing us with insights that will help shape the future of the product. In the next edition, we’ll be talking about how you integrate Usabilla throughout your organization; we’ll cover things like how different departments can use and benefit from Usabilla (and how it’s used differently for different functions), how to foster effective collaboration and how to align processes when onboarding new colleagues. Want to take the opportunity to have your say? Let us know you’re interested in the next session by emailing or click below.

Please note: our sessions are currently run with in-person participants, meaning that they are held in and around Amsterdam. This may change for future editions where we include remote participants or there might even be the possibility of taking the sessions on the road! Let us know if this is something you’d be interested in and stay tuned for more info. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We hope to see you at a session soon!

Lana Miller
Content & Brand Manager at Usabilla.