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Introducing the GetFeedback Suite

Simplify CX: Usabilla & GetFeedback come together to form a customer experience suite

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Usabilla has always been dedicated to supporting our customers in meeting their digital experience goals with seamless feedback collection. And we understand that a great digital experience (DX) is a critical piece of your overall customer experience (CX). We’re excited to announce that two complementary SurveyMonkey products—Usabilla and GetFeedback—are coming together to form the GetFeedback Suite.

GetFeedback and Usabilla join forces to create a stronger CX solution

This new CX suite is designed to offer brands an easy-to-deploy, multi-channel approach that enables our customers to capture the right insights to improve CX at key touchpoints across the entire customer journey. 

Usabilla has been the leader in digital customer experience for the past ten years, empowering organizations to deliver best-in-class journeys across websites and apps. With these two solutions coming together, we’re enabling customers to execute on their CX programs across even more channels. 

For example, Cybersecurity software provider, SimSpace, turned to Usabilla and GetFeedback for a multi-channel CX solution that they could get up and running fast. 

We needed a platform that was quick to get up and running, support various delivery methods and survey types, and provide a robust integration to Salesforce,” said Liz Sherman, customer success lead at SimSpace. “Using Usabilla and GetFeedback together was the only way we could meet those needs, so we are excited to see the two products come together as the ultimate customer experience surveying solution.

Liz Sherman, Customer Success Lead, SimSpace

How can GetFeedback help you?

GetFeedback is a customer experience solution designed to integrate tightly with Salesforce across channels like email, SMS, and chat. With GetFeedback, you can seamlessly connect feedback data with Salesforce data to get a 360-degree view of your customer. GetFeedback provides brands with the insights they need to stay connected to customers and take immediate action—providing the best customer experience possible.

With GetFeedback, you can: 

  • Design sleek, personalized surveys with customer data from Salesforce for a tailored experience that increases response rates. 
  • Automate feedback across the customer journey to continuously gather top-of-mind feedback on the channels that make sense for your customers—like email, SMS, chat, and communities.
  • Map responses to customer profiles in Salesforce and alert key stakeholders of invaluable feedback so they can take immediate action to increase customer loyalty.

What’s next for Usabilla?

Last year, SurveyMonkey acquired Usabilla and GetFeedback to expand their existing CX offering. 

Together, GetFeedback and Usabilla form a CX suite—the GetFeedback Suite—that’s easy to use and set up in days, not months, so companies can start making an impact on their customer experience immediately. We’re looking forward to continuing to innovate for Usabilla customers in gathering and acting on feedback across the digital customer journey.

This is the first chapter of the new GetFeedback Suite story. Look out for more updates on the GetFeedback Suite and how it can transform your customer experience strategy. 

For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to us at

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