An Interview with Tele2 Sweden: Improving App Store Rating with Feedback

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As a European leader in telecommunications, Tele2 believes in the importance of keeping its customers connected. Established in 1993 in Stockholm, Tele2 now serves 17 million customers across 8 countries.

While it continued to grow, Tele2 needed a Voice of Customer (VoC) solution that would guide its product roadmap and show what functions and features to prioritize, especially with its new online platform My Tele2.

We spoke with Frida Ageborg, My Tele2’s Product Insight Lead, about her experience with Usabilla for Apps and Websites at Tele2 Sweden.

Why did you decide to invest in user feedback?

Essentially, we wanted to gather more insights from our customers. We were looking for a self-sufficient solution to support us in this and we found Usabilla a great fit.

Through which channels are you collecting feedback at Tele2?

Our website and app. On top of that, we use Usabilla to monitor our customers’ experience via App Store reviews and user-testing in general.

Were there any surprises in the feedback you collected?

I was very surprised about the fact that so many people are willing to leave comments, especially positive ones. Initially, I thought we’d only see complaints and negative feedback. It’s great to see how many people provided their opinion about changes on the website or in the app from a positive point of view.

How do you analyze the feedback items you receive?

To analyze feedback items, I usually export them into an Excel. Sometimes I look at the dashboard provided by Usabilla but if I want to dig deeper into the data to analyze it, I export it to Excel. As we closely work in smaller teams, it’s then very easy for me to share it directly with my colleagues.

Do you integrate Usabilla with any other technical solutions?

Yes, we have a Decibel integration. This is very helpful because whenever a user leaves negative comments and feedback that we don’t understand, we use Decibel to link to the actual session recording.

How do you act upon the data you receive?

On our website we work on the new My Tele2 platform, and we use Usabilla to understand what functions and features we should prioritize on the roadmap. We do this via Usabilla’s In-Page widget. We have two widgets, one at the bottom of every page asking customers to rate the page and one on a separate feedback page in which we ask for feedback based on open-ended questions.

Normally, based on the feedback that we capture, our team (me, the PO and UX designer) go over the feedback items in Excel and we try to prioritize the most frequently requested features and functionalities. We can then adjust the roadmap accordingly. When there is a new function, we use feedback to share collected comments in demos and with stakeholders as well.

What was the biggest result you gained so far by using Usabilla?

For a bit of background, we started using Usabilla for Apps for passive feedback. And in our case, the goal was simple: to improve our App Store rating. When we would gather feedback, we asked our users for an emotional rating. Through Usabilla, we asked customers to rate us in the App Store. Thanks to this, we saw our App Store rating increase from 2.6 to 4.1. A big surprise to me was the fact that the results were visible very quickly. We started the project in October 2018 and we managed to increase the App Store rating tremendously within months of starting. This campaign is still live.

When it comes to Usabilla for Websites, one of the most valuable aspects is the detection of bugs. I go through the comments once a week, and I’ll pick up on issues that no one else has seen for instance.

How do you share the insights gained from feedback at Tele2?

We share insights within the team and with other stakeholders by including customer feedback in our demos around new functionalities. On top of that, we use feedback from customers in combination with quantitative data to get buy-in on projects.


With a goal of connectivity at Tele2’s core, feedback on what customers experience with their website and app is key. And when it comes to staying connected to customers’ wants and needs, Usabilla is happy to help.

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