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IFAQ: Tom Goulooze, Scrum Master

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Get to know the faces and spaces that make up Usabilla in our Spotlight series. Next up to face our roulette of Infrequently Asked Questions is Growth Hacker turned Scrum Master, Tom. A man so good at creeping behind inanimate objects that we made a sticker out of him doing it. 

Name: Tom Goulooze
Position at Usabilla: Scrum Master
Nationality: Dutch
Office location: Amsterdam

What would your call your own personally brewed beer brand?
Begeerte heeft ons aangeraakt (desire has touched us): A dark porter, with a hint of raunch. No-one shall enjoy it except for me, but I will be able to intellectually defend my choice in ingredients.


What’s the weirdest thing we’d find in your desk drawers?
For the past 11 months I have had a book in my desk drawer called: ‘Brief: Make a bigger impact by saying less. It has not yet been read by me, which is painfully obvious to anyone I interact with.

Android or Apple?
I may or may not own a complete collection of all the Google Nexus phones that have ever been released. Does this answer the question?

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?
I like to go in smooth with some Nina Simone’s ‘My baby just cares for me’. However, when the moment is just right, I crash and burn – scarring the audience with an emotional rebirth through Neil Young’s ‘After the gold rush’.

Before Usabilla, what was the weirdest job you ever had?
In Holland we have a lot of tulips, most of those tulips are concentrated in a giant flower park called The Keukenhof, and on most days it is filled with busloads of tourists ready to photograph said tulips. Aforementioned tourists also visit the bathroom, and for one day, I was responsible for cleaning up after them. Never saw any tulips…

Name one thing that’s on your bucket list
Okay, this is going to be complex but bear with me. In the Dutch version of Google calendar, whenever you create a new event, Google suggests eating breakfast at a famous hotel in Amsterdam (see: image). Every time I read it I think, “that’s actually a great suggestion, Google”. So, once I’d really like to feel the satisfaction of entering “ontbijt bij Americain”, and finally experience this already legendary breakfast.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 18.00.56

Have you ever been on TV?
I ran a weekly music show on a local TV station for a while. It pretty much consisted of me playing the stuff I was into at that time straight into the ears of the elderly that were not technically proficient enough to change channels. Someone once recognized me in the street and this encounter has been fueling unhealthy egotistical tendencies ever since.

Song you’re currently listening to?
In an effort to promote the Dutch language I will put forward: Oostende – Spinvis. If there ever was a good reason to immerse yourself in this weird, ggg heavy language that nobody speaks, this is it

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