IFAQ: Lily Christensen, Head of International Development
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IFAQ: Lily Christensen, Head of International Development

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Get to know the faces and spaces that make up Usabilla in our Spotlight series. Next up to face our roulette of Infrequently Asked Questions is Lily. From Amsterdam to London via New York, she’s the only Usabilla employee to have worked full-time from three different office locations!

Name: Lily Christensen
Position at Usabilla: Head of International Development
Nationality: American
Office location: London

What would you call your own personally brewed beer brand?
I.Plié (pronounced eye-plee-yay), a line of IPA’s exclusively for dancers like myself.

What’s the most embarrassing film/show we’d find in your Netflix history?
Jane the Virgin. I’m not even sorry.

Do you have a good celebrity encounter story?
I’ve ran into Hilary Swank twice. Once in the mountains of Italy at a film festival, and once with her staring at me surreptitiously over a coffee cup in a NY coffee shop.

usabilla lily christensen

I saw “Boys Don’t Cry” at much too young of an age and was scarred for a couple of years, so really it was a healing experience to see in fact she is alive and well and no longer in a small town surrounded by bigots.

Who is the first person you’d thank in your Oscar acceptance speech?
Oprah, with the hopes that Oprah would hear about it and then by proxy know who I am. Life goal, achieved. (Clearly I think the probability of this happening is very low, sorry Mom…IRL it would be you)

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?
Always on Time by Ja Rule ft. Ashanti. Obviously, I do both parts and people are stunned by my mad rapping skills. If I stumble on any of the lyrics, ‘shubah-lubbah-lubbah’ seems to replace most words pretty well.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited?
Probably Jordan. I went to a wedding, to Petra, swam in the Dead Sea, and got loads of henna tattoos. It was glorious.

usabilla lily christensen

What’s the weirdest thing we’d find in your desk drawers?
A grotto of map related items – my geography nerdiness knows no bounds. At the moment I have a globe that spins by magnetic force, New Zealand map plates, and map pencils. And that’s just the beginning.

Do you think it was Shaggy?
Shaggy has confused us all, because by recording a song for the world stating it wasn’t him we automatically think he’s not guilty. He’s tackling the media storm head on, but maybe he knew that when he was making it, so actually he is in fact guilty. Inconceivable.

What’s your worst cheese joke?
I don’t like cheese. This is not a joke, but everyone seems to think it is.

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