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IFAQ: Claudio Semeraro, Señor Developer

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Get to know the faces and spaces that make up Usabilla in the new Spotlight series. First up to face our roulette of Infrequently Asked Questions is in-house Spartan, Claudio, who relocated from Italy in 2011, back when we were just a fresh-faced startup of fifteen employees, sigh.

Name: Claudio
Position at Usabilla: Señor Developer
Nationality: Italian
Office location: Amsterdam
Mandatory pet tax: Spartacus is a pit bull/labrador mix who loves to take long naps, long walks, and long jumps into the water, as well as lick his balls in the most awkward way for the longest period of time possible.

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Moar pet tax…

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So, you’re from Italy. Anything you miss about it?
Yes, the fact that nobody even thinks about adding fruit to their pizza. Or asks me how I feel about fruit on pizza. I don’t wanna feel it.

What’s the most embarrassing film/show we’d find in your Netflix history?
Frozen. I swear I don’t watch little girls movies.

Do you have a good celebrity encounter story?
I once met Silvio Berlusconi in Milan. He was Italy’s Prime Minister at that time and he was doing a shit job. I was a young and naive political militant and a rebel. I squeezed myself between him and his bodyguards and showed him a raised fist, telling him that he sucked. The bodyguards jumped on me, pinning me to the ground and the police arrested me for threatening the Prime Minister.

This story unfolded in my head while I passed him by without even looking.

That will teach him.

Favorite internet meme?
Depression dog :|


Who is the first person you’d thank in your Oscar acceptance speech?
Gennaro Gattuso, because I would win the Oscar for playing him in a biopic about his life and accomplishments.

What do you think about people who wear sunglasses indoors?
Wearing sunglasses indoors is a perfectly reasonable thing to do if your office doesn’t have blinds or if you’re stoned.

Do you agree that Gulp Fiction or Java the Hutt would have been much better names for Team FEDs?
Yep. And Team OZ should have chosen Backend McBackendface. But they didn’t.

What would be the title of your autobiography?
At least you tried :/

Do you think it was Shaggy?
I once met him after a concert and I asked him “It was you, wasn’t it?” He sarcastically said that it was the first time someone asked him that question and proceeded to drink my beer. It was him.

Robyn Collinge
As Usabilla's Copywriter, Robyn brings nice words together - like peanut butter, napping, and Sunday brunch.