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IFAQ: Ariadne Gomes, Front-end Developer

Usabilla team
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Get to know the faces and spaces that make up Usabilla in our Spotlight series. Next up to face our roulette of Infrequently Asked Questions is Ariadne – who might have submitted the most adorable pet tax yet.

Name: Ariadne Gomes (a.k.a. Dine)
Position at Usabilla: Front-end developer
Nationality: Brazilian
Office location: Amsterdam
Mandatory pet tax: This adorable young lady is Arwen. She is a professional fly hunter and a purr machine. She also likes to sleep in the weirdest places. <3

usabilla team

Last thing you did before you left the house this morning? (Not including the wallet, phone, keys dance.)
Wish I had remembered the wallet, phone, keys and especially to dance.

Which song best describes your role at Usabilla?
Technologic, Daft Punk (I know I’m probably not the first to say this!)

What’s the most embarrassing film/show we’d find in your Netflix history?
I wouldn’t say embarrassing, but usually people are impressed by all the cartoons I watch, like Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman…

Weirdest way your name has been spelled on a Starbucks cup?
Not on a Starbucks cup, but I once received some mail addressed to “Ms Abacate Gomes” (Abacate means avocado in Portuguese)

Do you have a favorite quote from a movie?

Have you named your bike?
Yes, it’s called ‘Mortal’. Just because it’s a coaster, brake-only bike and sometimes it loses the chain, leaving me brakeless :)

How do you feel about fruit on pizza?
I prefer french fries dipped in vanilla ice cream. But you know, it’s a free country.

Song you’re currently listening to?
Be Svendsen – Solo Para Mi (Mollono.Bass Remix)

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