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IBM and Ferguson Awarded for Stand-Out Approach to Feedback During Usabilla Global Exchange

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AMSTERDAM, October 2, 2019–Usabilla awards IBM and Ferguson during its annual Global Exchange. The event marked the 10 year anniversary of Usabilla and its first global customer event since the acquisition by now-parent company SurveyMonkey in April 2019.

Combining over 400 attendees, from CX/UX professionals and Product Owners to C-Level Executives, this year’s Global Exchange was one of the largest to date. During the event, Usabilla awarded organizations committed to listening to feedback in the digital age, in line with the event’s theme around the Feedback Economy

To democratize the process, attendees were able to vote on the spot through QR codes for their favorite nominees. As a result, Usabilla recognized IBM as the Most Customer-Centric Organization and Ferguson for Best End-to-End Use Case. With plenty of initial applicants, Usabilla used the below criteria to settle on the four nominees–IBM, ENGIE, Ferguson and Porsche.

The award criteria:

Most Customer-Centric Organization

  • Overall Story
  • Organizational Reach
  • Effort
  • The Customer

Best End-to-End Use Case

  • AAA (Ask, Analyze, Act)
  • Use of Usabilla Solution
  • Effort
  • Results

Most Customer-Centric Organization: IBM

Making work better for IBMers and growing the CIO Design team 

In the words of Fletcher Previn, IBM’s CIO, “Every minute spent fighting through a frustrating online experience is a lost minute of productivity.” The CIO Design team at IBM has grown from 50 practitioners to now a 140-member team.

UX metrics, like NPS, overall satisfaction, ease of use and task completion rate, allow IBM to monitor user sentiment, identify efforts to prioritize and track what’s preventing users from completing tasks. IBM’s customer-centric approach is clear: its Net Promoter Score (NPS) for its Global Print Solution, for example, started at 25 but increased to 50 after identifying pain points and working to resolve the issues.  

Many IBM teams have also opted to leverage Usabilla’s ability to integrate feedback within Slack. As a result, its teams are quickly alerted when end users have a comment on the application, and they can react to address issues rapidly.

Best End-to-End Use Case Award: Ferguson

Gathering actionable insights to improve search experience

Soon after implementing its first Usabilla feedback form, Ferguson uncovered the biggest pain point for customers on—search and product findability. At the time, nearly 50% of its customers could not find the product they searched for. 

Soon after the changes were made, customers began seeing an improvement in their search experience, and unsuccessful search results dropped by 21%. A follow-up Usabilla survey also showed overall improvement and significant decreases in negative feedback. Conversion rates increased as well, by 11% from search results pages to product detail pages. The end result was a total of 85% conversion for all product searches.

Ferguson carries the saying, “Our job is never over,” and with the help of Usabilla feedback, its teams are alerted to additional pain points to address. 

Closing thoughts

See how nominees earned the awards through their video submissions: IBM and Ferguson, and learn how Usabilla can help you tune in to the Voice of Customers.

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