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Human Experience in 2018

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Last month saw the inaugural Human Experience (HX) Meetup hosted in Central London for an evening of insightful talks, absorbing discussions and great food & drinks. Hosted by Usabilla and Chattermill, the Human Experience meetup takes a people-centric approach to how we design experiences for the digital world, focusing on how listening and understanding is the key to building experiences that people will love.

With so much emphasis on customer and user experiences, it is easy to lose sight of how exactly to craft experiences based on listening and understanding humans. Our first (of many more to come!) meetup brought together like-minded peers across industries and organisations to bridge the gap between customer and user experiences, to share insights and knowledge, and to engage in thought-provoking discussions about the current and future direction of the industry.

At the forefront of discussions was the use of new technology that reshapes the way organisations interact with their customers. For example, how tools like Usabilla and Chattermill enable organisations to capture and analyse customer feedback in revolutionary ways previously not possible.

One key point was the way in which various tools can augment each other to achieve deeper levels of insight and analysis. HelloFresh – a Chattermill and Usabilla partner –  shared how they use feedback captured from Usabilla’s Voice of Customer(VoC) solution with Chattermill’s AI text analytics solution. They use Chattermill and Usabilla in tandem to capture customer insights and quantify the issues impacting customer experiences the most in order to rapidly understand, deploy, and fix issues that optimise for the best customer experience possible at each touchpoint.

It was our pleasure to invite some of the pioneers in HX to join us at Usabilla’s London home in Tower Bridge. We all got to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Thames, the Tower of London and the surrounding areas which provided a perfect backdrop for an excellent evening.

We were joined by fantastic speakers, including Hellofresh & Transferwise, who discussed how by listening to the experiences of their customers, they were able to develop their products and continually improve their clients’ experience, leading them to become two hugely successful companies.

Our final speaker was Dr. Nick Fine, a psychologist and leader in the UX space.  Dr. Fine spoke about how psychology is the main pillar of UX, and why companies must use UX Psychology to be successful.

After the great talks, we enjoyed an excellent networking session with guests joining us from a wide-range of fantastic companies, universities, and public bodies.

Chattermill and Usabilla would love to thank everyone who came to our first ever HX event.  It was amazing to see such a variety of people and opinions discussing what is in store for the future. We can’t wait to host the next event and will let you know when and where ASAP —  and we hope you will spread the news.

If you wish to hear more about what Usabilla has to offer in terms of improving your customer feedback, please feel free to reach out to Robert Mulder on If you wish to hear more about how Chattermill can help you analyse your customers feedback at scale then please reach out to Ralph Aling on

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