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How SDU Continuously Improves its Customer Experience with Usabilla

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AMSTERDAM, September 18, 2019Sdu, Dutch Publishing Company, selects Usabilla as its Voice of Customer solution to improve the overall customer experience (CX) of its online products and channels. 

Sdu’s mission is to put the customer at the heart of all its decisions with the ultimate goal of creating products that are in line with or exceed its customers’ expectations. 

Incorporating customer feedback in the daily processes of the company allows us to put the customer first simply because it helps us to understand what our customers want and need.

Yvonne Niesten, Business Manager Online Platforms & Chief Product Owner at Sdu

For Sdu, it is important to continuously measure and improve its digital channels. With feedback, Sdu can understand the search behavior and content preferences of its customers. 

By knowing exactly what our customers think of the products, we can improve and further develop them based on pure and unbiased customer requirements and continue to add value.

Yvonne Niesten

Usabilla’s offering as a Voice of Customer solution enables Sdu to retrieve feedback so they can make the right choices for further development. 

We see our collaboration with Sdu as another great opportunity to prove the value of the voice of the customer for any organization, whether that is in the automotive, finance & banking or publishing industry. I am very happy that Sdu chose Usabilla to guide them on its journey in achieving the ultimate customer experience.

Roel Jansen, CCO at Usabilla

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