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How Hyper-Personalization Lets You Target Your Customers in the Here and Now

How hyper-personalization lets you target your customers in the here and now
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From tailored news feeds that show them the stories they want to read, to online shopping suggestions that fill their baskets with their favorite gift ideas, your customers now exist in a highly personalized world.

According to a report by Forrester, 89% of digital businesses it surveyed were investing in personalization, while 72% of retailers said they even wanted to personalize the in-store experience. So the direction of travel is clear, get to know your customer and give them the experience they want – or risk being left behind.

Personalization – Breaking it Down

According to Nielsen Norman Group there are two types of personalization:

Role-based personalization: No it’s not a party game, this is in fact where users are grouped together according to their pre-defined characteristics – such as their role in an organization – as opposed to on information inferred from their activity on a computer.
Individualized personalization: This is the type most often used by commercial businesses and uses data such as web browsing history or information the customer gives to you via online forms, emailed questionnaires or sales and ordering information, for example.

How hyper-personalization lets you target your customers in the here and now

Personalization vs hyper-personalization

Hyper-personalization takes things a step further by combining the type of techniques used in personalization with real time analytics, such as where the customer is on the website right now, not last month. It could also include what part of the email they like or don’t like, what time they visit the site and when they abandon their shopping basket, giving you the tools you need right here, and right now, to keep your customer in the store.

If personalization was a storekeeper it would try and predict what you might buy based on what you bought last time and put what it thinks are your favorite products right by the door when you walk in, but if you don’t buy and walk out he just stands there glued to the floor.

But if his co-worker hyper-personalization was running the store, he could respond in real time. As they’re about to leave he could walk around the counter and say: “Hey we don’t want to lose you, how about I drop the price by 25% and offer you that free product I saw you looking at?”

How hyper-personalization lets you target your customers in the here and now

Striking for Oil

As modern marketing clichés go, ‘data is the new oil’ is right up there – but it’s true. Before making a success of hyper-personalization you need the data from your customers. Using things like simple email signups and social media competitions you can get information like name, age and spending history and build up your oil supplies!

How Usabilla keeps things real

But the next stage is where the magic happens. Usabilla’s products such as Usabilla for websites and Usabilla for email, provide a whole range of invaluable real time personalization information, allowing you to find out instantly what your customer thinks about your site, your email, your app – you name it. By combining all of your existing customer data with this newfound real-time source of information, you can now put your customer right at the center of everything you do.



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