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Homepage Redesign Leads To 165% Conversion Increase

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Your homepage is an important portal for potential customers. It is therefore crucial this portal is not only friendly and inviting, but at the same time clear and engaging. You need to quickly communicate the main benefits of your product and give people a reason to engage with your site.

There are many factors that affect the quality and the experience of a website. For example, it is important that the design appeals to the right target group, the information offered needs to be sufficient, but not overwhelming, and the core value proposition must be clear and relevant. Basically, it all comes down to whether or not a design matched the abilities, expectations, and needs of the visitor.

So for every redesign, the main goal should be to further bridge the gap between an existing design and one that is ideal for the visitor. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to listen to your visitors and include them in the design process from the very beginning. That’s what we did and how we managed to increase the conversion rate of our homepage by 165 percent.

Motivation for redesign

At Usabilla, we build visual feedback tools that allow our clients to gather design feedback and truly listen to their users. At this point, there are two Usabilla products available: Usbilla Survey and Usabilla Live. While the Survey tool is the perfect solution for combining quantitative and qualitative research on any static design, Usabilla Live allows you to gather real-time user feedback on your live website.

Both tools are completely web based and all it takes to activate them is a personal Usabilla account. During a free trial period, people can test out all our features and get familiar with the tools. The power of our tools lies in their visual nature. How else could we convince people of their potential, if not by letting them see how they work with their own eyes. We understand that no one wants to buy a pig in a poke.

One essential aspect for the success for this business model is that we motivate as many interested people as possible to give it a chance and sign up for a free trial. Since most our visitors enter our site through the front door, our homepage is a valuable asset when it comes to converting visitors into customers.

Of course we think through and test every design before it goes live. Still, we were convinced that our homepage could do much better. Why? Because our visitors told us so. There is nothing more refreshing and eye-opening than the honest feedback of real users.

Gathering input with Usabilla Live

Since the launch of our new product Usabilla Live, we also display the Live feedback button on our own site to gather continuous feedback from our visitors. This feedback has been valuable input for our redesign. After gathering and analyzing what people think over a time frame of about three months, we had enough input to create an entire new version of our homepage.

For example, people told us that the visual we used in our header was appealing, but not at all clear. Also the headline sounded nice, but it didn’t say enough about our products. In general, people said that our homepage could be much more clear and that they missed more concrete third-party references. For example, one user said: “The page was not as informative as I was expecting. Too global, not enough specifics, and I didn’t want to go further.” On our product page, several people mentioned that they only fully understood the products after watching the demo videos.

The old design

Old design of the Usabilla homepage.

Here is an excerpt of what users said:

  • “Meaning is a bit obscure – I’m not sure what the service does if i only read this statement.”
  • “This kind of makes it sound like you are delivering visual feedback to users, rather than gathering it.”

  • “Nice visuals, but too complex.”
  • “Thought they were clickable. Thought I was going to get more info about each feature after clicking.”

  • “Links to some demo cases would be great.”
  • “This takes in too much space. Better smaller and further down the page.”

The new design

Anything that we changed about the design was based on real user feedback. People told us what they did or didn’t like and more importantly, they explained why. When visitors gave feedback and left their email address, we reached out to them to express our gratitude, but also to gain even better insights into their thoughts and gather even more ideas.

User-inspired redesign of the Usabilla homepage

Overall, the new homepage got an entirely new structure as well as new content elements. The visual in the header was adapted to be more clear and better represent the functionality or our main product. The headline was changed to “A new standard in user feedback.” and two sublines were added to explain our main value propositions.

The body was split into 6 sections. On the left, there are three sections: (1) a brief summary of the benefits that come with Usabilla, (2) Who benefits from Usabilla, and (3) the latest publications from the Usabilla Blog. On the right, there are two sections: (4) Quotes from happy clients, as well as (5) more logos of companies that trust Usabilla. In the last section, visitors are once more invited to sign up for a free trial.

A/B Testing with Optimizely

With our new design version, we set up a classical A/B test using the online service Optimizely. We measured the overall engagement, clicks on the call-to-action button, and also the total number of people, who actually went through with their signup. We let the test run for a couple of days, taking 1000+ visitors into account.

The new homepage design doubled the number of people who clicked on the CTA.

The new homepage design increased the number of signups by 165 percent.

While the engagement did not differ significantly between the two versions, the number of visitors who clicked the call-to-action button increased by 51 percent with our new design. The number of signups even increase by 165 percent.


These results show that visitors were two times more likely to click the call-to-action button on the new design, rather than anywhere else on the page. This indicates that the new design offered sufficient information for visitors to decide for a free trial. With the old design, people were more likely to click somewhere else on the page in order to find more information.

So the number of people, who clicked the call-to-action button increased by 51 percent. However, this number itself doesn’t prove anything. Only combined with the fact that the number of sign-ups increased by 168 percent confirms significant improvements of the new version.

Beside the clear results in optimizely, also the feedback that we now receive through Usabilla Live has become a lot more positive. For example, visitors now tell us that both headline and visual in the header are clear and give a good idea of what to expect on our site. One user commented on the header: “Very interesting. This triggers me to read more.” Also the overall structure was rated as clear and trustworthy, and visitors appreciated the customer quotes and direct links to detailed customer success stories.

User feedback on the new homepage design is downright positive.

We even went a step further and added a dedicated “Clients” page to our site. Here, people can read different case studies and learn how other clients benefit from Usabilla. Again, the feedback we received through Usabilla Live was downright positive.

Final thoughts

So what’s the end of the story? We listened to our users, translated their thoughts and feelings into our design, and increased our conversion rate by 165 percent. This perfectly demonstrates the power of user-inspired and user-centered design. And we learn once again that no expensive and time-consuming user testing is needed to achieve such rewarding results.

Don’t just take our words for it

Here is what other clients say about Usabilla Live:

“We are constantly pushing updates and new features to our site. Usabilla offers our community an instant feedback mechanism so they can tell us what they’re loving and what we need to improve on any part of the site.”

Leanne Hammill, Marketing Manager at the Loop

“I pretty much installed the Live feedback button and forgot about it, thinking it would be like other feedback tools. The moment I started upping my traffic though, the replies started pouring in. The feedback was amazing, mainly helping me find design quirks that I didn’t know existed.”

Travis Skindzier, Co-owner at

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Sabina Idler
Sabina was technical writer & UXer @Usabilla for 5 years before she started her own UX research and consultancy firm; UXkids. With UXkids, Sabina leverages her academic research expertise, know how in child development, and strategic vision to help companies build successful digital products for children. You can connect with Sabina on Linkedin or follow her on Twitter.