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Global Usabilla Exchange 2018: Do you have what it takes to win?

Usabilla exchange 2018
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According to Forrester, nowadays, 80% of B2C revenue comes directly from digital channels. This huge number reiterates that we cannot neglect the importance of digital optimization. As a result, executives are trying to get an overview of how their digital channels are performing. Metrics such as NPS, CSAT and CES help to get some of the Customer Experience insights needed. But do these metrics still apply to the current state of the business? Does a number provide enough context? And how can these numbers be used throughout the entire organization?

Organizations want to make sure that the time and resources invested in product development or any innovation are put to good use. So where do you start? Well, simply asking your customers is a good way of getting the ball rolling.

Let’s exchange knowledge

Our annually recurring Global Exchange event will take place on Thursday the 27th of September in Amsterdam. The event brings together over 300 industry professionals in a picturesque setting to discuss “The future of Customer Experience” in the digital age.

The focus will be on the exchange of ideas pertaining to the improvement of the customer experience throughout the only channel that truly matters, the digital channel.

This year the Global Usabilla Exchange consists of a plenary session and multiple breakout sessions. Finally, it will close off with a networking session accompanied by drinks where you can share and absorb information regarding best and worst practices. From 2 pm until 7 pm, you will listen to industry peers talk about their vision of customer experience. You will attend inspiring presentations and take part in silent storytelling sessions.

It’s not just another award ceremony

As with previous Global Exchange events, we are also organizing an awards ceremony to highlight some of the most impressive customer-centric organizations out there. There are two awards:

One is for the most innovative Usabilla implementation, highlighting a case in which Usabilla has added value to an organization for a specific project and how this fits within the overall customer experience strategy of said organization.

The other award will go to the most customer-centric company, to highlight how that organization is putting the customer at the heart of their operations, at any point in time, incorporating different solutions and stakeholders.

Do you have what it takes to win?

Are you truly putting your customers at the heart of your organization? Do you have the perfect example in which the voice of your customer has helped you solve issues instantly or has helped optimize the conversion rates of your digital channels? Do you have what it takes to provide the ultimate customer experience? If this is the case, you can apply here. The application process is now open and will close on the 31st August 2018. For more information and to submit your application, please click here.

About Global Exchange

The Global Exchange is an annual event organized by Usabilla. It started as a meetup with a primary goal of exchanging interesting information about the most important aspect of every company: “the customer”. More than 5 years later, this meetup has transformed into an annually recurring event that attracts over 300 industry professionals from the largest companies worldwide. The purpose of the event is still the same, connecting the right people to share best practices and putting them to action to fundamentally improve the experience of “the customer” on a global scale.

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