Usabilla Live Feature Update: November 2014

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Hello everyone! The Usabilla team has been busy and as promised we have continued to work on new and exciting features to make handling your feedback data as simple and effective as possible. We’ve worked on several new features to enhance your feedback analysis and even decided to give you the option to remove our beloved smilies – but why would you want to?

Swap Smilies for Stars on the Feedback Form

We realise that our lovely Usabilla smilies may not always be appropriate for your site, so now you have the option to swap them out for a more traditional 5 Star rating system.

Simply head to the setup section of your Usabilla Live for Websites account and edit the appropriate feedback form. Now find the Advanced options panel. Within this panel you have the option to change the template of your feedback form. Simply swap out the default for the star template, save, and you’re good to go.

*This feature is for Enterprise clients only

Automated Feedback Export

Do you export your feedback results regularly? If so, we have made the whole process easier for you. Our new automated export feature allows you to automatically collect your exported data daily directly to your email, personalised URL, or FTP server.

You can enable this feature by clicking the Export button at the top of the feedback page. Click the option to automatically export your feedback before choosing how and when you wish to receive it.

Campaign Progress Bars

Benefit from the Endowed Progress Effect – increase survey conversion rates by telling your visitors where they are on the path to completion. Add a progress bar to your slide-out or full page surveys.

When creating or editing a survey, simply head into advanced options, and enable the progress bar option.

*This feature is for Enterprise clients only

Improved NPS functionality in the Feedback tab

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer satisfaction used to judge the loyalty of a firm’s customers, and represent it as a number. Committed to improving Usabilla Live’s support of the NPS, we’ve made understanding your NPS easier than ever.

You can now toggle the top graph to view your NPS results on the Feedback Tab. This allows you to filter your feedback based on your NPS, and see how specific demographics impact your score, giving you a deeper insight into how your website visitors perceive your brand.

Filter by Device

We have several different options already existing for you to filter your feedback including browsers and platforms but now you also have the option to filter by device. Single out mobile, tablet or desktop user feedback with just a click of a button. Simply go to the filter section on the feedback page, select advanced options and choose the device(s) you would like to view.

Bryony Watson
Online marketing intern at Usabilla