How to Ensure that your Paper Readership Follows Through the Digital Transition?

How to Ensure that your Paper Readership Follows Through the Digital Transition?

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Stop the Loss of Revenue Associated with your Digital Transition

Today’s push towards digitization poses some of the greatest existential challenges that the printed press industry has ever faced. International gamechangers like Facebook have changed the way audiences receive and consume media. In fact, two-thirds (67%) of Americans report now regularly use Facebook as a news source. Meanwhile Apple’s recent takeover of the so-called “digital newsstand” Texture is a sign that the tech giant intends to play a larger role in print media distribution.

Faced with these disruptive technologies and new high-tech competitors, how will local and regional press continue to reach its audience and gain new subscribers through online platforms?

The answer is to find out what readers and subscribers really want out of a digital platform – and give it to them. That means adopting a Voice of Customer (VoC) solution like Usabilla. This enables media outlets to collect and analyse user feedback and then implement the strategic changes based on the insights they have gained.

Finding the “Why?”

Online media outlets no longer have to be kept in the dark about “why” users prefer one feature of their website or app over another. With Usabilla’s VoC solution, they can hear their users directly and learn which improvements are likeliest to increase customer retention and new subscriber rates. Feedback campaigns can be custom-built to target specific users and key demographics.

VoC can be integrated into every step of the user experience, starting with login and accompanying users throughout their visit. The moment at which a user gives feedback also provides insight into their experience. If one area of the website regularly attracts negative feedback, this gives direction on how to shape the product roadmap going forwards. Check out to learn more about improving user experience with Usabilla’s customer feedback tools.

Experience is Everything

Today’s customers, particularly digital natives, expect a smooth, user-friendly online experience. That could explain why so many users are turning away from outdated newspaper and magazine websites and finding their news through other channels like social media.

VoC evens the playing field because it allows online media outlets to respond to their users’ actual needs. Asking users what’s on their minds and following up with customer-centric actions helps media organizations create a more meaningful user experience and outshine their competitors.

Investing in a Digital Future

Usabilla’s VoC solution is a powerful investment in improving customer experience. As more newspapers and magazines make the shift to an online business model, this has never been more important.

Google Ads and other disrupters have redefined advertiser spending. This has dealt a heavy blow to print media’s revenues. The way forward now is to boost subscriber rates with a sharp focus on user experience. Usabilla’s impressive ROIs attest to the power of this approach.

Please contact our helpful support team today or request a demo to find out how Usabilla can help ensure a bright digital future for print media.

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