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Employee Spotlight: James Tschikov, Marketing Specialist

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We’re excited to feature another Usabilla face in our Spotlight series. Next up, James – our Marketing Specialist and a NYC native.

Name: James Tschikov

Nationality: Bulgarian-American

Role at Usabilla: Marketing Specialist US

Department: Marketing

Office location: New York City

What are you known for? (Inside and/or outside Usabilla)
I’m a bit of an urbanist geek (or NUMTOT, if you will), which means I’m fascinated with all topics related to urbanism, whether that is about transit systems, urban design, etc. I’ve spent hours staring at maps of cities and I also love cityscape photography. This also means I know random facts about cities that I’ve never even been to (and I’m always the one ranting about the negative effects of gentrification.)

Song you’re currently listening to?
Jewelry by Blood Orange, or his whole new album, really. The soul, lyrics, and melodies by Blood Orange have always spoken to me as a queer person growing up in the city.

Name one thing that’s on your bucket list.
Taking a long overnight train ride through mountainous regions or cross-continent. One of that has been on my mind recently is the Amtrak Coast Starlight that starts in Los Angeles and goes up the West Coast to Vancouver, Canada. It would be a scenic and memorable experience. But really, I’d love to do these train rides in many regions – across Europe would be unique because of the varying landscapes and countries Europeans are lucky that in a few hours they can experience a whole other culture.

What would be the title of your autobiography?
Can You Slow Down?

How do you feel about fruit on pizza?
Absolutely not. Never seen a NY pizzeria selling one. Nope.

(This is what New York pizza looks like.)

Before Usabilla, what was the weirdest job you ever had?
At my dad’s office, where he was an elevator inspector/mechanic, I was a bookkeeper. But that wasn’t the weird part – I had to use a computer that had Windows 95, a typewriter that was around from the 80s, and other antiquated machines for stamping and organizing that should be in a museum. (Mind you it was 2013).

Which song best describes your role at Usabilla?
So Many Details by Toro y Moi

What do you value most at Usabilla?
The list is very long, but the people make the organization unique. Everything that we do is immersed in teamwork. Your co-workers are always willing to help on a project or task that you are working on. We are eclectic and diverse in thought and personality, which means you can have meaningful conversations, constructive criticism, grow, and learn from each other.

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