Design Trends 2018: The Customer Experience of Ecommerce Design
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Design Trends 2018: The Customer Experience of Ecommerce Design

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Each year, ecommerce claims a larger percentage of worldwide retail transactions. And, as more and more purchases take place online, businesses are investing in their ecommerce platforms to take advantage of this accelerating trend.

But, in such a competitive online market, how is an ecommerce business supposed to distinguish itself?

Excellent design is one of the most effective ways to set your ecommerce business apart. Not only because visuals are an integral part of appealing to the human desire to shop, but because great design works to replicate the tactile and customer-focused aspects of the brick and mortar shopping experience that are too often missing in online retail.

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Great design can make a powerful impact on your customers’ shopping experience in a number of ways. For starters, thoughtful design is informative. Since they can’t physically see or handle the product, online shoppers rely on ecommerce sites to convey detailed and comprehensive information about the product before they buy.

Design trends like sleek product landing pages, integrated video, and step-by-step guides made from intersecting elements can all contribute to the customer’s confidence that they are making an informed purchase. But informative as it may be, great design doesn’t bombard customers with too much information. User-friendly elements like scrolling product photos can help ensure they see as much of your product as possible in a streamlined and pleasant way.

design trends 2018

Another powerful aspect of great design is its capacity to reintroduce an element of discovery to online shopping. While there is no denying that on-page SEO is crucial so that your customers can immediately find exactly the product they are searching for, there is something to be said for selling people things they didn’t even know they wanted. Stunning, real product photos and creative use of category pages can bring the fun of browsing back to the retail experience.

Check out the following infographic from WhatsTheHost to explore some of the latest trends in ecommerce design:

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