The Tealium and Usabilla Integration: A Data Transformation

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Ever wondered if you could tap into your user’s needs in real time? What if you could customize your customer experience as your users navigate through your pages? With the Usabilla and Tealium integration, you can gather the right data about visitor activity and act upon it in real time. This robust integration combines precise targeting and data collection so that you can view your customer experience through a magnifying glass.

Using a tag management system and/or data orchestration platform is essential to any company’s data collection needs. Tealium offers a comprehensive and flexible suite of solutions with a wide range of data management and data enrichment capabilities. With Usabilla, you can capture the voice of your customer by asking for feedback at any point in the customer journey.

Tealium’s advanced tag management solution as well as their customer data platform product, AudienceStream, work in tandem with Usabilla’s Voice of Customer solution to supplement feedback items with comprehensive data. Together, these solutions drive better customer experiences.

What’s the value of the Tealium and Usabilla integration?

With the Tealium and Usabilla integration, you can collect feedback and customer data anywhere, anytime. Tealium iQ Tag Management facilitates implementing Usabilla on any webpage and uses advanced rules for targeting Usabilla campaigns (micro-surveys). Targeting specific users at specific times paints a detailed picture of your customer experience, giving you access to the exact information you want.

How granular can you get?

Tealium technology allows you to personalize the Usabilla feedback experience to fit your needs. Together, Usabilla and Tealium open doors for you to run hyper-targeted campaigns to anyone at any time.

Let’s say your Customer Experience team wants to learn more about their male users (this could be any demographic: sex, age, location, or subscription level). Tealium can target your Usabilla surveys to every page on your website that features a men’s product or content relating to men. As the user motions to exit the page, you might ask: “What caused you not to add items to your cart today?” You can start to personalize your customer experience based on exactly what they tell you they want.

The flexibility to choose who and when you collect feedback from opens up a wide range of testing possibilities. When you look at your customer’s journey with precision, it makes it easier to create personalized experiences that delight your customers. Instead of guessing what your users want, simply ask.

What else can you do with the Tealium and Usabilla Integration?

Tealium’s Customer Data Platform, AudienceStream (AS), simplifies integrating your customer data, tracking interactions like feedback buttons clicked or campaigns submitted. This data enriches your customer profiles in Tealium. For example, based on your Usabilla NPS campaign, you can segment your promoters and detractors to target them directly. You might target a detractor, someone unhappy with their experience, with a survey to ask them: “What can we do to improve your online experience?

What about other domains and third-party integrations?

Many companies have multiple domains, and a data orchestration solution like Tealium allows you to collect, manage, and analyze feedback from all of them, despite the language. Data from Usabilla can be pushed into any of the other platforms AS supports in their connector marketplace such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Eloqua, and many others. If you use a Session Recording tool, you can begin a session recording immediately based on whether someone responds positively or negatively in the determined environment.


When it comes to integrating Usabilla with Tealium iQ and AudienceStream, the sky’s the limit. Ask whichever users you want how you can improve, and make changes in real time. Tealium simplifies targeting, so you can collect the feedback you need.

Your Customer Success Manager at Usabilla can work with you to brainstorm creative campaigns and ways to enrich your data with the help of the Usabilla and Tealium integration. Send us an email at, or request a personalized demo here.

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