How Lufthansa Improves the Customer Journey with User Feedback

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The aviation industry is changing. The days of visiting a travel agent to browse through brochures or booking a trip over the phone are gone. Advances in and adoption of smartphones and tablets mean that online users have the freedom to search for and book flights how, when, and where they want.

With websites that revolve around this search and booking process, designing and optimizing with the user in mind is vital for the aviation and travel industry. Airline website users today expect a smooth browsing and booking experience across multiple devices.

Investing in the cross-device experience

Lufthansa, one of Europe’s largest airlines, recognizes this demand. To stay on top of their game and ahead of the competition, the company needed a way to consistently measure and improve customer satisfaction across their digital touchpoints.

With the goal of retaining satisfied and loyal customers, Lufthansa wanted a way to identify any potential issues as well as really listen to their users’ needs. In order to track this kind of quantitative and qualitative data, the airline needed access to some sophisticated performance metrics. That’s where Usabilla came in.

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Using feedback to improve the customer journey

After collecting qualitative data from their website visitors, Lufthansa makes extensive use of our feedback management options. The airline finds our labeling and filtering functionalities extremely useful for selecting feedback items depending on factors such as the section of the website they were left, the type of feedback being left, or which team should take ownership of a particular item.

When we asked the airline’s Analytics team about the type of feedback they usually receive, they explained that items can generally split into three different groups:

  • Technical issues: Particularly problems with checking-in online or perhaps a broken link
  • General usability: This can be something like unclear copy in a notification or unintuitive information architecture
  • Project input: For example, suggestions for design and display changes on a particular page

Across all three categories, Lufthansa finds our screenshot functionality makes the analytics process much more efficient. Corinna Birkhofer, Online Sales & Analysis, explains:

“The screenshot functionality is invaluable. It makes it much easier to reproduce and understand customer concerns.”

By including a screenshot in their feedback, visitors are providing the Lufthansa team with the contextual insight needed to pinpoint any potential bugs or issues.

Usabilla integrations

Enhancing the existing toolkit

Lufthansa also makes use of our extensive integration possibilities to really delve into their feedback data. Combining Usabilla with session recording tool, Tealeaf means the team can reproduce specific feedback items.

For example, if a user reports a broken link or shows frustration with a booking flow, Lufthansa can replay that particular session and identify when and where the friction occurs. This integration capability allows the team to monitor the customer experience with real precision.

‘Our customers do the work for us’

After implementing our solution, Lufthansa has not only seen a hike in satisfied and loyal customers, but the team finds that users often do the work for them, pointing specifically to areas where the website needs improvement.

Lufthansa finds its users are willing to leave feedback and actively pinpoint any problems. By collecting this kind of qualitative feedback, you can immediately identify bugs, errors, or simply things that don’t work the way your users expect them to. What’s more, with Usabilla’s option to leave specific, and not just general, feedback and unique screenshot functionality, users can immediately give context to their feedback.

For more insights into optimizing the CX for airline websites, check out User Feedback Trends: Aviation – a report generated from the analysis of over 24,000 feedback items from some of the biggest airlines in Central Europe. Alternatively, you can watch our on-demand webinar with Aer Lingus’ Catherine Wilson.

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