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As more and more companies place a stronger focus on a customer-centric approach, optimizing the customer experience has never been so important.

The most sophisticated businesses are making customer-centricity and emotional connection a part of their broader strategy. And what’s not to love? An engaged and satisfied customer will not only remain loyal, but their affinity to your brand will also encourage new leads. Resulting in an increase in both conversion rate and return on investment (ROI).

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One company, in particular, that has customer engagement high on its list of priorities is Usabilla for Email client, Freo. As an online lender, the company recognizes that trust and engagement are key foundations for happy clientele.

We sat down with Renate Smeulders, Campaign Manager at Freo, to find out more about the role Usabilla plays in measuring and monitoring the loyalty of existing customers.

Why did you decide to invest in user feedback?

At Freo, we like to know that we’re providing the best customer service possible. We want to know how our customers perceive our brand at all points in the customer journey. And, in particular, if they identify with our core values: customer care, personable, low-priced, and transparent.

The only way to find out if we are achieving this is by actually reaching out and asking them.

By using Usabilla in our e-mail campaigns we can get this information in a non-intrusive manner. Usabilla for Email allows us to get answers to specific questions quickly and efficiently. Plus, the feedback helps us to understand our customers, and make improvements where necessary.

What are the main metrics you use to measure the success of your email campaigns?

The metrics we determine for an email campaign depend on its purpose. Since customer engagement is our key focus, our main metrics are the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and bounce rate.


Alongside these quantitative metrics, how does the qualitative data Usabilla provides improve your current processes?

By asking relevant questions we’re able to collect useful feedback from the second a new campaign goes live. These insights allow us to make changes on the fly and take action to improve and optimize our email campaigns immediately.

It’s a process of continuously measuring, analyzing, changing, and testing – and the feedback we get from Usabilla helps us do that!

“Continuously collecting user feedback is of vital importance to Freo.”

It enables us to get a clear idea of how our customers perceive our brand and value our services. Alongside this, it enables us to understand our customers better – helping us to become truly customer-centric.

Not only do we receive feedback on the email campaign itself, but also on the feeling it invokes in our customers. This provides us with great insights into our customer needs and wishes. Plus, we can use the feedback to improve our services and customer experience continuously.

Usabilla is helping Freo achieve their goals of increased customer engagement. Can you tell us more about how?

The biggest challenge with creating email campaigns is ensuring they add value for each, individual customer. So, when it comes to analytics, this is what we focus on – did we provide value?

In my job, the focus is really on increasing customer engagement. We want to inspire and inform customers; really offer them a personal service. Each interaction we have with customers should contribute to building a stronger relationship. This means keeping the customer’s perspective in mind with everything we do.

To determine if a campaign provided enough value, we can’t only look at standard metrics. This is where user feedback is a vital component, showing us the ‘why’ behind our metrics.

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By analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data we’re able to learn from every campaign, and continuously improve our processes and communication. It really empowers us to offer the highest level of personal service to our customers!

You’ve seen some great success thanks to Usabilla for Email, including increased ROI and a significant drop in customer service calls. Can you share some more big wins?

Sure! In our latest email campaign, we made a couple of changes to the feedback widget in our emails. We gave it a slightly more prominent place and added specific questions in the feedback form in order to get more detailed answers.

In the results, we can see a huge difference in both the number of qualitative and quantitative feedback items. We received over 700% more qualitative feedback just by asking more relevant questions.

Another great metric is that 97% of all feedback on the campaign was positive, which is a good indicator that we’re on the right track!

From the nature of the qualitative answers we’re receiving, we see that a lot of customers identify with our company DNA – ‘honest about loans, low-priced, transparent, and dedicated to personal customer care.’ Customers are also positive about the consistency in our communication.

These numbers prove that Usabilla is invaluable when it comes to measuring and improving the Freo customer experience. And we’re very proud of the successes so far!

Want to know more about how Usabilla for Email can help you or your organization to become customer-centric? Simply request a call with one of our friendly Business Managers or do some more reading here.

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