Collect Feedback in your App and be More Customer-Centric

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The importance of your customer’s experience online is growing faster than ever.  Especially during mobile moments, as more and more revenue is gained through mobile devices. Focusing your efforts on a customer-centric approach is necessary to build future-proof applications and keep revenue coming.

That’s why we created Usabilla for Apps.
Our solution allows you to collect insights right within your app, without interrupting the user-journey. Immediately identify critical moments and boost your app’s performance by knowing why your users behave the way they do.

How does it work?
Gathering feedback about users is the only way to enrich the quantitative analytics you have running behind the scenes. Why are users dropping out in this specific moment? Why are they not ordering based on those product shots? Why is no-one clicking on that button?

With Usabilla for Apps you can finally find out by collecting feedback within your app. There are two ways: 1) one is by giving your app users the opportunity to leave their thoughts whenever they want in your application through a feedback button. 2) The second one entails actively asking your customers at specific moments with in-app targeted surveys. They are designed to be targeted during specific moments, specific users or other custom variables.

That’s how you get a closer look into how your customers are experiencing your app at specific moments, and then to improve that experience. But don’t just take it from us: a number of our clients have already put the feature through its paces—and it’s come through with flying colors.

In more details, here’s how it works:

Timing is everything 

Target the right customers at the right time in their journey (once they’ve taken a particular step, for instance): “And you’re done! Mind if we ask how easy it was to book this ticket?”

Measure digital KPIs

Find out how satisfied your customers are with your app as a whole, or with specific features. That way, they can let you know about any issues they’ve run into so your team can make the changes right away.

Tailor surveys to any scenario

With custom-defined user events and metadata, you can deploy a whole range of standard targeting options such as language, completion of x or y step—and of course, you can always add triggers of your own.

in-app feedback

Gather insights without distracting users

Make sure your surveys don’t interrupt users while they are engaged in key activities such as booking a seat, hailing a cab, or setting up a playlist.

Obtain a holistic view

Capture additional insights or ideas of the customer journey and experience “Thanks for your answers. Anything else you’d like to do, but couldn’t today?”

A step towards customer-centricity

All of these possibilities—and there are plenty more—are good news for any organization that wants to keep its finger on the pulse of its business.

Understand how satisfied your customers are, get insights into how particular features are being received, and get word about anything that’s not going well.

Whether your app is focused on customer purchases or simply informing your audience, the in-app targeted survey solution adds direct value to your organization through increased in-app conversion and boosting customer loyalty.  

in-app surveys

How our existing customers are using in-app surveys

KLM, the Royal Dutch Airline, use our in-app targeted surveys to benchmark customer-satisfaction levels against previous months’ scores and make continual improvements within its apps.

How easy was it for customers to check in and save their boarding passes with the app? How happy are they with the overall boarding process, and with the process of buying a ticket within the app? Answers to questions such as these are actionable intelligence for KLM’s app team—and the resulting improvements have led to considerably better ratings of the app itself; allowing the carrier to improve key aspects of the customer journey.

So, what are you waiting for?

To find out how Usabilla for Apps can enhance interactions with your customers, help raise their satisfaction levels, and flag any issues early on – get in touch!

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