Case Study: TrustCloud Increases Conversion With Usabilla Live

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  • Usabilla Live is a super powerful tool for lean method startups and product leads.

Xin Chung, founder and CEO of TrustCloud

The company TrustCloud

Industry: Online services
Using Live Usabilla since: June 2012

TrustCloud is a new way to measure trustworthiness and accountability on the web. One’s virtuous online behaviors and transactions are gathered to build a portable TrustScore. This TrustScore gives people the confidence to rent rooms, borrow cars or commit to any other transaction within the TrustCloud Sharing Economy.

The Opportunity

TrustScores, which form the base of the TrustCloud concept are still new to most people. This is why TrustCloud needs to quickly and effectively educate people on their website about their value proposition. Their goal is to communicate more effectively with their website visitors and improve their conversion rate.

On the blog actualinsights, the founder and CEO of TrustCloud, Xin Chung, read about Usabilla Live. His hopes were that this was the right tool to help him better understand their visitors and improve the information they offer on their website.

The Solution

After implementing the feedback button on the website, it didn’t take long before Usabilla Live lived up to Xin’s expectations. He experienced the tool itself as intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use. The user experience was for both visitors of and his team very natural and immediate.

The feedback that is given is clear and easy to understand because of its visual nature. The fast interface and the simple admin dashboard allow Xin and his team to gain valuable insights into their users’ thoughts and their emotions. They finally understand which elements of their content presentation are actually helpful, and which aren’t. Enough information to improve their design and increase their conversion rate.

Sabina Idler
Sabina was technical writer & UXer @Usabilla for 5 years before she started her own UX research and consultancy firm; UXkids. With UXkids, Sabina leverages her academic research expertise, know how in child development, and strategic vision to help companies build successful digital products for children. You can connect with Sabina on Linkedin or follow her on Twitter.