Bizztravel Increased Conversion With Centrally Organized Usabilla Live Feedback

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  • The visual nature of the feedback is very valuable. The screenshot shows you what the problem is in a matter of seconds.

— Auke Molendijk, Web Analyst & Search marketeer, Bizztravel

The company Bizztravel

Industry: Travel
Using Usabilla Live Since: October 2012

Bizztravel is a leading Dutch travel organization with several online travel brands. With the brand Bizztravel, ski holidays are being sold, with Beachmasters, they sell summer holidays to consumers between 17 and 23 years of age, and Ferio is a more general brand for the same summer holidays. Bizztravel is located in Groningen, the Netherlands, where a team of enthusiastic colleagues tries to continuously improve and optimize their travel products. With Usabilla Live, they gather and process very diverse customer feedback in one central place within the organization.

The Opportunity

For the marketing team behind Bizztravel, it is important to carefully listen to the wishes, feedback and suggestions of their customers. However, with the diverse target group that Bizztravel faces with their selection of different brands, this can be a true challenge. Different customers mean different ideas, a different understanding of web technologies and last but not least, different feedback.

After having used a globally recognized feedback tool, Bizztravel realized that their complex situation also demanded a more comprehensive feedback technology. They started an investigation of different feedback tools available on the market and it didn’t take long before they found Usabilla Live.

Usabilla Live allows for complete customization so it perfectly blends in with the design of your website.

With Usabilla Live it’s almost natural to gather, organize, and analyze diverse feedback from multiple websites in one central location — the perfect solution for Bizztravel to stay in touch with their website visitors across all of their brands. The visual component makes it even easier to use, as it provides the necessary context without the necessity to reproduce the respondents user experience.

The Solution

With Usabilla Live, the marketing team behind Bizztravel gathers both general and very specific feedback of their customers. Auke Molendijk, Web Analyst & Search marketeer at Bizztravel is happy with the diversity of the feedback: “The response we get varies a lot and helps us to understand what people think of our websites, what they love and hate.”

Auke and his team get very diverse feedback, such as bug reports, usability issues and feature suggestions for the different websites.

Usabilla Live allows Bizztravel to gather and organize customer feedback from their different websites in a very convenient way. This makes customer support easier, but it also helps to include real customers in the optimization process of the different websites.

At Bizztravel, we also use Usabilla Live as an internal tool to improve our websites. We encourage our employees to give feedback to the marketing department if they see a bug or have suggestions for improvements. — Auke Molendijk

Auke and his team get very diverse feedback, such as bug reports, usability issues and feature suggestions for the different websites. For example, customers recommended a route planner that shows how to drive when they want to go to their preferred destination. This route planner and other handy google maps integrations will be implemented in the near future. Other suggestions had to do with the search criteria for their holiday destinations. These examples are just a few out of many of the tangible suggestions and quick wins for their continuous optimization.

Besides the valuable feedback itself, there are several other reasons why Auke is happy with their switch to Usabilla Live:

  1. It helps large organizations, such as Bizztravel, to structure their customer feedback and take instant action if required.
  2. The screenshots make Usabilla Live feedback very visual in nature, which helps to understand the exact problem in a matter of seconds.
  3. Usabilla Live is not only a convenient feedback mechanism for customers, but also for employees. At Bizztravel, everyone is encouraged to use Usabilla Live to give feedback to the marketing department. This way, employees can report bugs or other issues in a very easy and fast way, and at the same time, they can share general ideas and suggestions for improvements.
  4. All feedback gathered with Usabilla Live can be processed in one central place within the organization.
Sabina Idler
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