Case study: Autotrack uses Usabilla Live to connect with customers

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  • “I can easily recommend Usabilla to anyone who’s looking for a versatile way to collect user friendly feedback. Usabilla is in fact much more than collecting feedback – we are yet exploring new ways to connect with our customers through Usabilla.”

— Pim Hutjens, Productmanager at AutoTrack

The project: AutoTrack

Industry: Automotive / Publishing
Using Usabilla Live Since: June, 2013 is the leading online retailer for cars in the Netherlands. With about 4,500 partners in the automobile sector, a portfolio of about 180,000 cars, and over 2,5 million average site visits per month, is the biggest player on the Dutch market. Their mission is to offer a reliable and independent platform for both companies and private individuals to compare, buy and sell cars based on specific criteria.

The Opportunity

AutoTrack has made it their goal to provide customers with a trustworthy and transparent information platform for all cars available on the Dutch market. They want to offer in-depth information and make it easy to compare models to help customers make informed buying decisions.

For AutoTrack, the customer is king. Their needs and expectations have the highest priority when it comes to making decisions concerning the website. Thus, it’s essential for Pim Hutjens – product manager at – and his team to know what their customers want at all times.

Of course every customer is different, but at the end of the day they all have the same goal. That is selling or buying a car, and feeling good about their decision. In order to help customers reach this goal, it’s key for AutoTrack to understand how to provide the correct platform. What is or isn’t important for them to provide to customers during this process.

The Solution first got in touch with Usabilla in mid 2013. They were looking for a tool that would help them better understand their customers – the goal to improve the user experience of their website. Pim explains that Usabilla Live for Websites immediately appeared to be a perfect match, “We were impressed by the ease of use of Usabilla, both from a users perspective as well as from our own perspective.” already listened to their customers before they discovered Usabilla. They regularly conduct usability tests, perform market research, and openly received feedback from users by mail and phone. Yet, they were not content with the way and the extent to which they involved customers in the optimization of their website.

Usabilla Live for Websites lowers the barrier for users to express feedback. At the same time, all feedback can be collected in one central place, making it much easier to set priorities. This allows Pim and his team to act less on their gut feeling, and rely more on what customers really want.

The feedback

When first implementing the Live feedback button, Pim and his team had high expectations. They were looking for suggestions and complaints on both big and small issues to help them improve the site. At the same time, they were hoping for compliments to point out and confirm the things that already work.

Due to the simplicity and the generic nature of the tool, that’s exactly what they got. Customers began commenting on many different areas of the website; reporting bugs, offering suggestions, and complementing the team on the things that worked well. Here is a list of three major insights gains through Usabilla Live:

  1. Users give concrete suggestions for additions to Autotrack’s search engine; add criteria X, add value Y, reorder criteria A and B, etc.
  2. Users discover and report bugs before themselves can. This way problems are often fixed more quickly.
  3. For development it’s difficult to always test new code on all device-browser combinations. With Usabilla it’s easy to identify browser-specific flaws.

Besides generic feedback, Pim and his team also gain many other valuable insights. For example, they learn how users perceive the speed of AutoTrack’s site, both by their subjective expression of the speed and the actual page load time measured by Usabilla. hasn’t made use of campaigns yet. However, they are planning on using targeted surveys to more actively reach out to their visitors. Questioning them about specific functionalities.

Acting on feedback are delighted with the amount of feedback they receive: “Feedback is not scarce, we have plenty ideas to keep us busy for the coming years,” says Pim. This forces him and his team to carefully evaluate feedback and prioritize it based on severity and the number of times it has been reported. By ‘weighing’ feedback by these criteria, it becomes clear how important the change is, how many users are serviced, and whether it justifies the costs.

Following this protocol, Pim and his team have already managed to fix bugs and improve their search engine. They were able to introduce a new ‘lightbox’ for showing pictures as a response to numerous customer requests. Now, pictures not only load faster, but are also more user-friendly to tablet users.

For a more efficient analysis, Pim has created custom searches. Once a day, he receives an email update with new feedback that matches his saved searches. Other product owners from do the same for their products, using their own feedback labels.

With the Usabilla-Jira integration, issues labeled as bugs are automatically pushed to Jira for the web development team.

The added value of Usabilla Live for Websites

Usabilla Live for Websites helps to get in touch with their audience. The wide range of feedback provides insights into what customers expect from their website. Pim explains: “The different ways to look at feedback are versatile and fit our needs. We can analyze feedback online in a pleasant environment (Usabilla website), or view basic feedback in email. For certain purposes we can export feedback and it analyse further.”

The possibility for users to add a screenshot makes feedback especially understandable and thus actionable for AutoTrack. The user-friendly interface makes analyzing and managing feedback fun and easy.

“I can easily recommend Usabilla to anyone looking for a versatile way to collect feedback in a user friendly way. Usabilla is much more than collecting feedback. We look forward to exploring new ways to connect with our customers through Usabilla. Besides, the Usabilla team is very helpful and have made changes to the tool based on our feedback.” (Pim Hutjens)

Sabina Idler
Sabina was technical writer & UXer @Usabilla for 5 years before she started her own UX research and consultancy firm; UXkids. With UXkids, Sabina leverages her academic research expertise, know how in child development, and strategic vision to help companies build successful digital products for children. You can connect with Sabina on Linkedin or follow her on Twitter.