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Case Management

Case Management
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We’re thrilled to announce the new Usabilla for Websites Case Management features, designed for team efficiency.

Your feedback is only as valuable as it is actionable. In order to organize and disseminate feedback as quickly as possible, we’ve introduced a leaner workflow with more convenient ways to manage the voice of your customer.

By prioritizing, setting a status, and assigning items to the right team or colleague, you’re now empowered to create an efficient process of handling feedback.

Case Management

Here’s a breakdown of our new features:

Prioritize: You can now prioritize each feedback item according to its importance. For example, whether it’s “Critical” or “Low”, you can identify and organize each item by its level of priority. Save time by distinguishing business critical issues from less urgent obstacles.

Set a Status: To keep a clear overview of what’s going on with collected feedback, you can now set a status to each feedback item. If items, issues, or improvements are in process or have been resolved, you are now able to easily keep track of and report on that progress.

Assign: When an important feedback item comes in, take immediate action by assigning it to the right team or dedicated team member. For increased productivity, we created an email notification system so that you’re aware of any new assigned tasks as they arise, and ensure those tasks stay on your radar.

Labels: To keep your feedback inbox tidy, labels help you categorize. We improved this feature to make it quicker to find existing labels and to make it easier to create new ones.

Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager and discover together how Case Management will improve your feedback workflow in a quick and effective way.

Hungry for more? 
Watch the video “Case Management by Anniek Veltman”, Product Owner at Usabilla.

Ultimately, Usabilla’s Case Management feature should be utilized in order to organize your feedback inbox and delegate feedback items efficiently. Furthermore, the case management tools will allow you to successfully keep track of feedback and corresponding action items. As a consequence, your team, as a whole, will save time reviewing feedback, and you’ll be able to act on individual feedback items in a more effective manner.

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