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Call-to-Action: benchmarking 10 web services

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The sign up button or link is an important call-to-action on the homepages of most web services. In a recent demo case Usabilla compared the sign up on the homepages of 10 different web services. Users found the sign up button on the Twitter homepage in 1.8 seconds. Animoto was a good runner up with 2.3 seconds. On average it took participants 3.5 seconds to find a way to sign up for these web services.

The differences between the performance of these websites on this important task are big. But what makes Twitter homepage stand out in this test? Why do the sign up buttons at Animoto, Vimeo and MyNameisE catch attention faster than those of Wakoopa, Basecamp, and PayPal? We would love to hear your opinion about these test results.


Twitter – 1.8 seconds

Twitter - heatmap

Animoto – 2.3 seconds

Animoto - Heatmap

Vimeo – 2.9 seconds

Vimeo - Heatmap

MyNameisE – 3 seconds

MyNameisE - Heatmap

Usabilla – 3 seconds

Usabilla - Heatmap

Facebook – 3 seconds

Facebook - Heatmap

Foursquare – 3.3 seconds

Foursquare - Heatmap

Wakoopa – 4.3 seconds

Wakoopa - Heatmap

Basecamp – 5.3 seconds

Basecamp - Heatmap

PayPal – 6 seconds

PayPal - Heatmap

Test data

Tested with Usabilla

This usability test was conducted with the online usability tool Usabilla. This online usability tool allows you to collect direct and valuable feedback from your users in any stage of the design process. Users share their opinion or perform tasks by adding points and notes directly on the webpage, mockup, wireframe, screenshot, or image. Sign up for a free account to try it yourself.

Paul Veugen
Founder / CEO @ Usabilla User Experience designer, entrepreneur and metrics junky.