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As the third largest online home improvement retailer in the United States, has become synonymous with its focus on an excellent customer experience. When customers call in they speak directly with product experts who are trained in every category from plumbing to ventilation and offer extensive after-sales support.

It’s this attentive service that the company wanted to translate to its online platform.

An opportunity to optimize

Alongside this,’s feedback collection method – after customers had successfully made a purchase – was not offering a sufficient range of results. By limiting insight to these successes, there was no way to discover what made an unsuccessful customer experience or uncover the frictions and frustrations which prevented a purchase.

To do this, needed to collect on-site feedback that captured the thoughts of potential customers. And that’s where Usabilla came in.


Partnering with Usabilla

Before opting for Usabilla back in 2013, Build tested seven different vendors. Marshal Downey, Strategic Partnership Coordinator at, explains that Usabilla was “the easiest to use and collected the most feedback.” He also noted that Usabilla did not negatively impact site speed like other vendors did, and as an ecommerce company, this was critical to the final decision.

We often find our clients surprised with how little technical knowledge they need to start running campaigns. Marshal reiterates, “Usabilla has been great. The drag-and-drop interface is very intuitive. We’re able to customize forms in pretty much any way imaginable. But the best part is being able to do all of this without needing to involve IT for every update.”

This means Build’s business team, who work primarily with the tool and have limited coding knowledge, can easily create and modify feedback campaigns without having to summon IT resources.

Thousands of valuable feedback items

Since using our tool, has collected thousands of valuable feedback items. Interestingly, the company finds the negative items the most actionable as they help to pinpoint where improvements need to be made.

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Marshal gave us two examples of items they received and the steps that were taken as a result:

1. Uncovering bugs

“We’ve noticed that collecting onsite feedback is great when there’s a bug. Visitors will usually complain about it via Usabilla shortly after release, allowing us to quickly take action.

Example: I was just looking to see if you had what I needed. I tried to go to the next page, but I was directed to one of the items on page 1. Each time I went back I had the same thing happen.

Not only is this frustrating to deal with when shopping, it could lose us a customer! It isn’t exactly a bug, so nobody really caught it. However, this feedback spurred our investigation and we quickly remedied the issue.”

2. Combatting shopping cart abandonment

“Our best example of a campaign is centered around the checkout process. We had established an initiative to focus on improving our checkout process but didn’t really know where to start.

So, we decided to set up a campaign that asked the simple question: Was there any point during the checkout that you felt like giving up?

Our response rate was a whopping 6%! This feedback was broken down into commonalities and then reviewed with our development team to scope and prioritize each. The range of suggestions far surpassed what we would have identified internally!”

Website iterations based on real data

These examples, and many more, have led Build to ensure that feedback is considered within the development cycle. Now, when the company takes on a new initiative or project, Build will start by collecting user feedback to first uncover specific issues that users are facing.

From here, improvements can be made in a data-driven manner and once they are released, Build will run targeted campaigns to gather further feedback about the improvement in question. This helps the company ensure it delivers the best possible experience to customers, both on and off line.

What’s more, when it comes to customer experience, Build has some extremely kind words to say about our own. Marshal notes, “the support from Usabilla has been fantastic. They are very responsive and we have yet to encounter a request that can’t be done!”


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