The Best UX Articles of 2016
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The Best UX Articles of 2016

on / by Robyn Collinge

Wow, just like that 2016 is done and dusted. And we don’t know about you, but it was certainly a game changer for us at Usabilla. Not only did we welcome 46 new employees and over 175 new enterprise clients, but we’ve also got two new offices on the map for 2017!

We’ve hosted some pretty exceptional events, won ourselves The Next Unicorn Award, and stumbled across some seriously inspiring stories along the way. So, on that note, it’s time for the roundup of roundups. A collection of the UX articles that refreshed our perspectives over 2016, from the most popular articles in our social media community to a couple of our own personal favorites.

UX vs CX: Which is more important?


You’ve probably heard the terms UX and CX, and how they’re the key to your company’s success. Many still aren’t clear, however, about what the difference is between the two concepts.

The UX Paradox


Ana Manrique reiterates the importance of clearly articulating a problem before we try to solve it and, in turn, committing to continuous improvement and successful solutions.

Fantastically Funny 404 Pages


More and more brands are taking it upon themselves to produce fantastically witty and aesthetically gratifying custom 404 pages; softening the blow of a potentially frustrating user interaction.

UX Flowchart Cards


A collection of 296 cards covering the most popular categories for both desktop and mobile, perfect for creating user journeys and UX flows using Sketch and Illustrator.

The Dumbest User Interface of 2016


In this lighthearted post, EagerEyes tears apart the new chip-enabled credit card terminals introduced in the U.S this year, branding them winners of the Worst User Interface Award 2016.

Why User Feedback and A/B Testing Need Each Other


Today’s companies know they need be optimizing their digital channels to stay ahead, but how exactly do they do it? Find out how to combine both quantitative and qualitative data to maximize your potential.

The Thumb Zone: Designing for Mobile Users


Have you ever interacted with a mobile website or app that simply didn’t play nice with your thumbs? Mishaps such as these reveal poor consideration of the thumb zone, read on to discover how to get it right.

Best Practices for Microinteractions


Discover 5 useful techniques for the tiny moments that add up to design and enhance your user experience by making the user interface less machine and more human.

And there we have it. A roundup of the UX articles that made us think and put a smile on our face in 2016. Any you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments or shoot us a tweet @usabilla.

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  • These are great articles! I recommend checking out this article by Codal, it was one of our best ones of 2016!

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