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The Best UX Articles of 2016 So Far (pt. 2)

Best UX Articles of 2016 so far pt 2 - Usabilla
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That’s right, we’re back with part 2! At Usabilla, we love finding and sharing great content with our community. We’ve taken a look back over the last few months and compiled the best UX articles of 2016 so far. If you missed part 1, you can read it here. Know of any great articles we’ve missed? Share them with us in the comments!

What Everyone Ought to Know About User Experience Design

By Ryan Clutter

What Everyone Ought to Know
User experience testing and practicing is no longer optional. As quickly as a user finds your website, they will just as quickly bounce and move on if they don’t have the experience they hoped. Here you’ll find the essentials you need to know about UX.

The Practical Guide to Empathy Maps: 10-Minute User Personas

By Jerry Cao


Another quality practical guide by Jerry from UXPin. UX designers know better than anyone — it’s what’s inside that counts. As in, the user’s thoughts and feelings, and how those affect what they say and do. That’s where the empathy map comes in. When created correctly, empathy maps serve as the perfect lean user persona.

Combining UX Design And Psychology To Change User Behavior

By Nadine Kintscher


To understand the reasons behind what drives users to certain behaviors, we need to look at the psychology that underlies the process of initiating and performing them. Nadine explains the psychological elements that drive behavior, as well as three tips on how you can use these insights along with UX best practices.

The Term Game: UX, UXD, CX, UI, IxD

By Lana Miller


Getting started in UX can be overwhelming, especially with all the terminology involved. Our UX researcher, Lana wrote a great article that defines some of the most common acronyms used in the industry.

7 User Interface Guidelines For Designing Watch Apps

By Neha Modgil


Wearable devices require specific techniques for creating great user experiences and here Neha walks us through a list of 7 guidelines everyone should understand when you’re looking to introduce a user-friendly app for these devices.


The Value of Consistent Design

By Joe Toscano


Joe does an excellent job of articulating why (and how) consistency in design improves the user experience. Consistency should be the foundation of any design, especially if you want your users to appreciate the product.

Good UX Designers Must be Fighters, Because Compromised Designs are not Good Designs.

By Andrew Doherty


Andrew, who works on UX and product design at Google, writes how successful designers are designers who fight for the customers. It’s a powerful article that describes not only the challenges designers face when advocating for the user, but also how to win this fight.


That concludes our list of the best UX article of 2016 so far. Which articles did you enjoy the most? For more great content, follow us @Usabilla where we regularly share great UX and design articles that we come across.

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