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Best of Usabilla 2011: A Roundup of Our Favorite Posts

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What a year it was! While working on some very cool stuff we have to show you in 2012, we also have some time for introspection. Hereby an overview of our favorite articles. We had a lot of fun making the blog what it is now, and are eager to keep at it in the new year. Thank you so much for reading, and stay tuned for a lot more!



Picking Apart the Techcrunch Redesign With a User Test

When one of the biggest technology blogs does a radical redesign, attention is guaranteed. Still, the redesign of TechCrunch caused an uproar that was bigger than most expected. Instead of joining the herds and ranting about the new design ourselves, we asked our friends and followers to complete a Usabilla survey about the new look.



5 Effective Ways for Usability Testing to Play Nice With Agile

With many organizations moving to an Agile philosophy and methodology, UX practitioners are finding it difficult to integrate formal usability testing into this faster-paced, iterative approach to software development. Jeff shows how to do testing in an Agile enviroment, the right way.



Test Before You Spend: Simple Early Stage User Testing

User testing should be done as early as possible. In this post, Sabina divides the design process in three different phases: who, what, and how. The first phase is all about the who: Who are your users? In the second phase you’ll focus on what: What kind of information are your users interested in? Only in the last phase you can start focusing on the how: How should you present your information and activate your users?



Test Everything You Got, Regardless of Its Polish or Fidelity

What you should test? The short answer is test everything. By “everything”, Jeff means whatever you have ready regardless of its polish or fidelity. The challenge is to set your expectations about the feedback you’ll receive for each type of asset your present and what you will actually learn.



Usabilla Report: The UX of 18 Leading Travel Websites

For this report, we lined up a total of 18 travel sites in three different categories (hotels, airlines, and comparison sites) and invited 800 participants to give feedback and perform simple tasks. The post contains an Infographic on our findings, and the full report as PDF.



A User Test on Decoy Pricing: Steer Decisions and Increase Conversion

When we heard about Dan Ariely’s decoy effect and research on pricing strategies, we decided to test this on our own pricing pages, with a Usabilla test.



Perfectly Worded Hyperlinks Equals Better Usability and Conversion

By striking a balance between informative and intriguing wording, people will be enticed to keep reading or explore the rest of the site. Sabina reports on the results of the Usabilla test we did to test the effect of different ways of wording hyperlinks.



The Paradox of Technology and 5 Ways to Avoid It

Does our life become easier with every new invention on the market? Sabina doesn’t think so. New technology presents us with great possibilities and limitations at the same time, she says. But not to worry, she has lined up five tips that will help you avoid this paradox of technology.



Usability Testing With Children: A Lesson from Piaget

Usability testing with children is fun, but it can also go wrong. For example, children might not understand your question, they might not communicate their answer correctly, or lack motivation or concentration. Sabina is an expert in usability research with children and shows what lessons we can learn from developmental psychologist Piaget.



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