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Become Customer-Centric With a Voice of Customer (VoC) Solution

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Making your organization customer-centric is a journey. You need a strategy to move through different stages of maturity. At the center of that strategy stands customer insights. Start listening to your customers now, and don’t stop there. How you listen and act on what you’ve heard is vital.

You need first to collect user feedback, then analyze it to develop meaningful insights. They could reveal behavioral patterns of your customers, driven by hidden aspirations. Finally, you incorporate them into a customer-centric strategy. It enables exceptional customer experiences. Though that doesn’t sound like a simple task, you can achieve it with the right Voice of Customer (VoC) solution.

Let’s look more closely at each step of the process:

Gather Customer Feedback

It is not difficult to collect user data nowadays. Automation tools, monitoring systems, and analytic solutions can provide you with many data points. You can get hold of many numbers from visiting frequency to typical usage in a location. Would that be enough to reconstruct your behavioral patterns? And will you be able to figure out the rationale?

Become Customer-Centric With a Voice of Customer(VoC) Solution

You need an interaction infrastructure that gathers both quantitative and qualitative data. Only then you get the full picture and understand the “why” behind your data. The right VoC program can help you to collect the feedback you need at many touch points and in an unobtrusive way.

Here is an example of using Usabilla to gather data at Apollo:

“With Usabilla, we now have the possibility to gather feedback from our website visitors in each step of their journey adding a constant stream of qualitative data which allows us to improve channels each and every day”, Matthias Lewin, PO – Digital Channels Optimization, Apollo.

Processing Customer Data for Meaningful Insights

Customer feedback should not come from support department only. The right VoC solution allows collecting data throughout the user journey and sharing such data across all functions. You need the ability to locate an issue exactly where it happens and use collective intelligence. The combination helps to create meaningful insights. Thus, decisions to improve customer experience get made based on facts rather than feelings.

“Usabilla enables us to pinpoint the issue and provide useful information, metadata and visual context of what is happening. This reduces investigation and resolution time for these bugs by up to 50%”, Catherine Wilson, Lead UX Strategy Designer at Aer Lingus.

Become Customer-Centric With a Voice of Customer(VoC) Solution

Build a Customer-Centric Strategy Based on Customer Insights

With better insights, it is time you made a plan to change, adjust and improve customer experiences to connect with your customers better. Using a VoC solution means everyone in the organization gets the customer feedback. All functions are onboard about shaping the right experience based on such insights.

Vodafone uses Usabilla VoC solution to track all customer experiences on their website. “We are able to identify issues and prioritize improvements in a quick and easy way,” said Pieter Honig, Digital Business Analyst.

Being customer-centric means creating experiences that meet the expectations of your target customers. You need a process in place to proactively and continually listen to your customers, find your blind spots and act to improve. It is your fastest route to success. With the right VoC program, companies can mature as a customer-centric organization. You then differentiate yourself from competitors and stay profitable.

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