Beachbody: A Culture of Customer-Centricity

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Beachbody is an American fitness and health conglomerate offering workouts, recipes, and products that empower customers to achieve their fitness goals. Their continued success is in part attributed to their extremely loyal customer base. To maintain this avid following, customer feedback is deeply ingrained in the organization.

Beachbody On Demand (Beachbody’s digital platform) has been capturing the voice of its customers with Usabilla for four years. By collecting continuous feedback, they’re able to run daily operational health checks, maintain a culture of customer-centricity, and improve their overall customer experience.

Daily Health Check

Every day, the digital team at Beachbody On Demand (BOD) refers to the Usabilla dashboard to look for any irregularities or patterns of negative feedback. When they find negative feedback, they create surveys targeted within these areas of friction. They collect a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) as well as qualitative feedback to drill down to the exact issue and nip it in the bud.

We continuously evolve survey questions which help us go down a trail, following a path of where the systematic issue is rooted so we can fix that problem.

Mike Farrell, Senior Manager Digital Product Operations, Beachbody OnDemand

Improving the User Experience

BOD had received some negative feedback related to users not being able to log in to their account easily. The BOD digital team created a survey to capture qualitative feedback on why users were unhappy with the log-in process. Within these surveys, they also asked users what they could do better.

The digital team then reviewed the feedback and communicated the insights to the product team. In their next redesign, the product team didn’t waste any time guessing what their customers wanted. Instead, they incorporated their customers’ feedback into their design decisions and in turn, improved the log-in process with their users’ needs in mind.

That’s what’s so great about Usabilla, you get a little snippet from a certain select group of consumers who are willing to provide that unsolicited feedback and you know you can run with it. It tends to represent the population at large, and you get a great idea of what it is that people like about your product, and what are some of the major areas for improvement.

Alex Sidarau, Business Systems Analyst, Beachbody On Demand

Customer-Centricity & Communication

Beachbody prides themselves on perpetuating a culture of customer-centricity amongst its employees. Many companies preach customer-centricity, but BOD’s actions speak louder than words. They actively engage their customers and listen. They integrate customer feedback into product redesigns and roadmap decisions.

A formal presentation to the Beachbody executive team magnifies customer-centricity throughout the organization. Executives take part in a weekly meeting recapping customer feedback and Usabilla projects.

Similarly, many people on the digital team have access to customer feedback via Usabilla. The QA team has a daily standup where they review feedback, and Alex Sidarau, BOD’s Business Systems Analyst, creates in-depth reports to circulate to the team at large.

At Beachbody, customer feedback is incredibly welcome. Collectively, the team is always eager to hear any feedback or any problems that the users or the apps/site are having so we can address it immediately.

Mike Farrell, Senior Manager Digital Product Operations, Beachbody OnDemand

Despite their large size, Beachbody excels at maintaining a customer-centric culture. With daily health checks, they pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, keeping the pulse on how they’re performing. They drill down to the root of issues and quickly make improvements. Efficient circulation of feedback allows Beachbody On Demand to maintain the loyalty of their customers. Most importantly, Beachbody On Demand is constantly evolving and adapting their digital strategy.

To learn more about how Beachbody On Demand delights their customers, download the Success Story! Inside you’ll find additional information about how BOD:

  • Improves its App Store Rating With Feedback
  • Identifies Issues Quickly, Avoiding Churn
  • Finds Inspiration and Ideas from Customers
  • Closes the Feedback Loop

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