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Award Ceremony Nominees at the Usabilla Global Exchange 2019

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This is part 3 of the series on the Usabilla Global Exchange 2019 (read part 1 and part 2).

During our annual Exchange event, we recognize diamonds in the roughorganizations committed to listening to feedback in today’s digital age. This year, we celebrate teams that champion customer-centricity and the use of Usabilla’s Voice of Customer solution. With so many interesting applicants and stories, our decision was not easy! 

We are pleased to announce the following nominees for the awards:

  • Most Customer-Centric Organization Award: IBM, ENGIE
  • Best End-to-End Use Case Award: Ferguson, Porsche

Most Customer-Centric Organization Award: 


Making work better for IBMers and growing the CIO Design team

In the words of Fletcher Previn, IBM’s CIO, “Every minute spent fighting through a frustrating online experience is a lost minute of productivity.” The CIO Design team at IBM has grown from 50 practitioners to now a 140-member team. Usabilla helps IBM scale a culture driven by feedback.  

UX metrics (e.g. NPS, overall satisfaction, ease of use and task completion rate) allow IBM to monitor user sentiment, identify efforts to prioritize and track what’s preventing users from completing tasks. IBM’s customer-centric approach is clear: its Net Promoter Score (NPS) for its Global Print Solution, for example, started at 25 but increased to 50 after identifying pain points and working to resolve the issues.  

Many IBM teams have also opted to leverage Usabilla’s ability to integrate feedback within Slack. As a result, its teams are quickly alerted when end users have a comment on the application, and they can react to address issues rapidly.


Digital customer satisfaction across the board

ENGIE has a full team dedicated to customer experience. Made up of six people ranging from user experience specialists to more technical profiles, the team is in charge of ensuring and monitoring user satisfaction from its website and mobile apps. 

Feedback analysis allows ENGIE to resolve technical problems, detect abnormalities and spot suggestions for improvement. Its digital satisfaction survey, created with a slide-out campaign in Usabilla, is analyzed daily. A testament to its efforts: in January 2019, ENGIE’s satisfaction rate reached 81%, which is an increase of 9 points compared to January 2018. 

Every day feedback is analyzed, labelled into categories and used to create a daily report that’s sent to the teams working on the website and to top management. ENGIE can then see recurring themes and plan and even organize trainings internally so customer issues are shared and customer satisfaction improved.

Here is a breakdown of the criteria we used to settle on the finalists:

Most Customer-Centric OrganizationBest End-to-End Use Case Award
Overall StoryAAA (Ask, Analyze, Act)
Organizational ReachUse of Usabilla Solution
The CustomerResults

Best End-to-End Use Case Award: 


Gathering actionable insights to improve search experience

Soon after implementing its first Usabilla feedback form, Ferguson uncovered the biggest pain point for customers on Ferguson.comproduct findability. At the time, nearly 50% of its customers could not find the product they searched for. 

Soon after the changes were made, customers began seeing an improvement in their search experience, and unsuccessful search results dropped by 21%. A follow-up Usabilla survey also showed overall improvement and significant decreases in negative feedback. Conversion rates increased as well, by 11% from search results pages to product detail pagesup from 74% to 85%. 

Ferguson carries the saying, “Our job is never over,” and with the help of Usabilla feedback, its teams are alerted to additional pain points to address. Ferguson feels confident that its customer’s voice will continue to play a major role in enhancements moving forward.


The art of tool optimization with customer feedback 

The Austrian websites of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Škodaone sought to optimize its most important website tool: the Car Configurator. With 197,861 car configurations in the single month of June 2019, the feature was highly relevant for the entire company, Porsche Holding Salzburg.

The Voice of the Customer in this case was indispensable as Porsche sought to rebuild the tool completely. In order to continually improve the performance of the Car Configurator, Porsche tracked customers’ emotional rating with both the Usabilla feedback button and Usabilla campaigns in addition to other tools. 

For Porsche, the goal is to ask users the right questions at the right time without overwhelming them with surveys. The combination of emotional rating scores and user feedback from buttons and campaigns provides Porsche with insights that are key to achieving its short- and long-term goals.

What’s next?

Congratulations to the nominees and a big thank you to all of the applicants who made this choice so difficult. It’s great to see the increasing efforts toward customer-centricity and listening to feedback.

In the coming weeks, we will create videos with the above nominees, who will offer a 50 second explanation as to “why” they should win the award. During the Exchange event, we will present the videos and ask YOU, the audience, to vote for the winners live!

With only a few seats left, now is your last chance to attend the 10th annual Usabilla Global Exchange. We hope to see you there!

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