Announcing Usabilla Live for Email

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Today we announce the release of Usabilla’s latest product: Usabilla Live for Email. Our website feedback tool, displayed more than 4 Billion times each month, has evolved into email.

  • “With Usabilla Live for Email, we make it incredibly easy for customers to get clear, constructive, and actionable feedback from their emails. Our tool helps clients look beyond analytics and truly understand why their emails don’t convert.”

— Marc van Agteren, CEO at Usabilla

Revolutionizing email analytics, Usabilla Live for Email introduces a new user-focused method of gaining insights into your emails.

Usabilla Live for Email

Today, Usabilla Live for Email enters the market answering the age old question; ‘Why aren’t my emails converting?’ By prioritizing user feedback on email content, we aim to get to the heart of how customers feel about the emails they receive. We bypass the limitations of numerical analytics. No longer second-guess your readers. Receive real, qualitative, thoughts and opinions and act accordingly. It’s this focus on user experience that introduces a revolutionary level of depth to your relationships with your readers.

Your personalised dashboard collects and displays your feedback information

Works for all emails, on all devices

Usabilla Live for Email helps you to broaden the knowledge of your email recipients; whether it be emails in customer support, marketing campaigns, newsletters, product launches, A/B tests or personal emails.

The responsive feedback form works perfectly on all devices

Simple and easy to use

Like all products within the Usabilla product suit, implementation is extremely simple and straightforward. Usabilla Live for Email offers a fully customizable widget embedded within your email. Giving feedback is so easy, reply emails are made redundant, resulting in more feedback. With your widget, recipients can give a rating, leave a comment, and offer any advice or suggestions. This feedback offers instant, actionable results. Allowing you to build successful campaigns, increase conversion and improve the overall effectiveness of email campaigns.

  • “Our goal is to help our clients better understand their customers. Seeing the continual success of Usabilla Live for Websites, we want to further empower our clients. By extending our feedback standard into emails, our clients can improve their allround customer experience.”

— Roel Jansen, Business Development Manager at Usabilla

Find out why your readers aren’t converting

Want to know why your emails aren’t engaging your readers? Usabilla Live for Email is available as an Enterprise Solution, or discounted with your current Live subscription. Get in touch for more information or a free trial.

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