Announcing Targeted In-App Surveys

in-app surveys
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Exciting news: It’s finally time for our new and updated app solution to take off from pilot status into the hands of the public!

Over the past few months, we’ve been piloting targeted in-app surveys as part of Usabilla for Apps. Collaborating with a handful of our enterprise clients, our mobile product team has been able to develop, improve, and perfect the beta release into a tangible solution that you can start using now.

Targeted in-app surveys? What are they?

Glad you asked.

We understand that timing is critical when it comes to your users’ mobile moments. That’s why Usabilla for Apps now has the capability to target a specific user journey, behavior, or status based on completely custom events.  

With targeted in-app surveys, you can take collecting feedback to a whole new level. Trigger non-intrusive surveys during specific mobile moments and gather the invaluable user insights you need to continuously improve your app.

Optimize your app experience

in-app surveys

      • Reach users at the right moments: We’ve developed extensive targeting options that allow you to pinpoint precise moments in the user journey, encouraging great conversion and valuable feedback. On top of this, you can set specific moments to be off-limits so users will never be interrupted during critical flows or transactions.


      • Tailor surveys for every scenario: With custom-defined user events and metadata, you have all the flexibility you need to gather meaningful insights. Segment your users based on a whole bunch of targeting options such as language, actions completed, or your own custom variables.


      • Look the part with custom designs: We understand that your development team probably has much bigger priorities than helping you build a survey. That’s why we created a wide range of customization options so Usabilla can fit inside your app as if we’re part of it. Whether you work with iOS or Android, we integrate seamlessly within your existing interface – all without a single line of code.


      • Stay user centric: While asking for the user’s attention is inevitable in an active feedback solution, the way you ask for attention is key. That’s why we created the option to approach your users with a subtle message that won’t disrupt their interaction.


      • Minimize technical resources: Updates to our SDK mean the new in-app survey solution can be implemented effortlessly. Requiring only two lines of code, you can be up, running, and quizzing your users within minutes.


targeted in-app surveys

Making the most of targeted in-app surveys

So, now you know how targeted in-app surveys can revolutionize data collection for you and your app and you can’t wait to get started? Great news!

The implementation options are endless, but we’re here to get you started with some of the ways targeted surveys can help you improve your app experience:

      • Customer Effort Score (CES): Determine your CES by actively asking users “How easy was it for you to [x] today?”
      • Establish user goals: Validate assumptions in the design and development processes by asking users “What is your goal in our app today?”
      • Advanced Mood Rating: Go one step further than standard mood rating. Make the most of the user data your app provides by targeting users when a specific event occurs. E.g “Your burger has just arrived, how is it?”, “Your package was delivered, how do your new shoes fit?”
      • Detect interruptions: If you notice a user is leaving during a critical flow, simply reach out and ask them why.
      • Get to know users: Uncover the interests and needs of your app users and customize your content based on these findings.


For more technical information about how to get set up, visit our in-depth support article or speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Want to know more about the ways Usabilla for Apps can benefit you and your business? Simply schedule a meeting with our friendly Business Developers and wait for those 5-star app ratings to come rolling in.  


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