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AB Tasty x Usabilla Collaborative Meetups: CRO & SnaCX

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On Thursday, November 29th, we were thrilled to host the first ever AB Tasty x Usabilla meetup at our Amsterdam headquarters. The event featured insightful speeches, best practice sharing & evening networking with advocates for a more customer-centric space.

As a leader at the forefront of the optimization world, it was great to collaborate with AB Tasty on not one, but two CRO & SnaCX events, with the second meetup taking place on Thursday, December 6th at their office in Paris.

Amsterdam CRO & SnaCX

Following his welcome and introduction of the evening’s speakers, Tjeerd van der Putten, Senior Business Development Manager Benelux at Usabilla, touched upon the topic of combining A/B testing together with user feedback.

While many businesses have adopted the A/B testing method, it’s rarer to see it in combination with feedback from customers, despite the benefits of intertwining the two. On the one hand, Voice of Customer can be a great starting point used in creating your hypothesis for an A/B test, but you can also ask for this direct input from users during A/B testing.

The applications are versatile and the method: effective.

Jorden Lentz, Product Owner E-Commerce at, presented next, covering the experimentation process at Booking and the importance of customer-driven CRO (conversion rate optimization).

Tom van den Berg, Conversion Manager at Online Dialogue, led the final presentation on ‘How to Build a Successful CRO Program,’ by combining data, psychology and UX. He swapped the term CRO with ‘validation,’ explaining the importance of testing before making assumptions.

CRO & SnaCX in Paris

The following week, the Paris installment of CRO & SnaCX offered “tasty” drinks as well, alongside expertise on leveraging data towards digital optimization.

Conversion consultant Mathieu Fauveaux presented on “How to Structure Your CRO Team, Measure its Maturity and Ensure its Success.” He covered the 3 essential pillars for building an advanced CRO organization: strategy, culture and skills.

The event also featured client cases with examples of top brands focused on CRO, followed by discussions and exchanges of best practices.

His presentation was followed by Mourad Tabiti, Web Performance Manager at TUI France. He attested to the power of the AB Tasty and Usabilla partnership and combining A/B Testing with feedback analytics for improvements within the digital space.

Next steps

With a solution that allows for continuous testing, AB Tasty stands at the forefront of the optimization world. Combining this with actionable insights gathered through Usabilla’s user feedback analysis, you have all the tools at your fingertips to develop a long-term customer-centric strategy.

These first CRO & SnaCX meetups will quickly become essential to discussions on optimization, so we’re grateful to all speakers and for everyone who attended!

If your company is interested in becoming more customer-centric through a Voice of Customer solution, we would love to get in touch with you. You can also visit our blog to stay up to date with industry topics, company and product updates.

We hope to see you soon!

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