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7 Reasons to Attend the Forrester Webinar

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With less than two months left until the end of the year, it’s time to close out 2019 and look ahead to what Customer Experience (CX) has in store for us next. Forrester has just come out with their 2020 CX predictions, and we’re so excited to have Harley Manning, Senior Research Director at Forrester, lead us in an upfront discussion on what to expect and how to prepare.

Not sure whether to join? Here are 7 reasons to attend the Forrester Webinar. Cheers to 2020!

1. Tune in with the man of the hour, Harley Manning.

As a world-leading research company, Forrester brings a wealth of expertise, particularly on the impact of new technology. Senior Research Director Harley Manning is no exception. He joins Usabilla for a candid look at what 2020 will bring for CX professionals.

Co-hosting the webinar is Usabilla’s Katie Hickey who’s a big fan of research herself. She is no stranger to reports and trends and has published content like the ‘Digital Transformation: Age of The Digital Customer’ report and the ‘Mapping CX Strategy: The Digital Maturity Model’ report.

Take the unique opportunity to engage with these two specialists. On November 20th, you can ask them all your burning CX questions.

2. Another year, another round of Forrester predictions.

Each year, Forrester releases its predictions on upcoming trends in the CX industry. Forrester follows thorough research, and each year their research grows to fit the market.

Last year’s prediction that companies would move away from broad CX strategy towards more pragmatic approaches lends itself seamlessly to this year’s main prediction: money matters. Forrester was correct last year, and it continues to keep its finger on the pulse of the CX industry and where it’s going.

This year, the stakes are higher and CX professionals will have to prove their impact beyond presenting strategies or introducing technology. CX pros have to keep up with these industry trends as they are necessary to building a customer-obsessed experience.

3. ¼ CX pros may lose their jobs. Want to keep yours?

One out of four CX professionals will lose their jobs if they can’t tie great customer experience to economic impact. It sounds ominous, but it’s not all bleak. By contrast, the number of CX executives will grow.

Forrester helps you understand what it takes to make the cut as a CX pro, and we’re lucky enough to have Harley Manning answer any questions you might have about CX and ROI.

4. Ever heard of values-based consumers? Actually, you have.

Maybe the term itself doesn’t ring any bells, but the principle is a trend you might recognize in how companies operate today. Think back to the days of only shopping at the local grocer who knew you by name. Self-checkouts have since minimized these interactions, but what is it that draws customers to certain businesses over others?

Want to find out why United Airlines risked losing thousands of passengers after one incident? It all comes back to a culture where customers choose brands that fit their values. Learn more in the webinar.

5. Struggling to prove the value of a VoC program? This webinar will give you the facts & stats.

A strong VoC program takes time, strategy, and iteration. While some companies are forging ahead with a strong strategy, others are still struggling to gain organizational buy-in. No matter what your organization’s VoC maturity, it’s always important to arm yourself with the cold hard facts.

Curious how much impact a successful VoC program can have on your revenue? The webinar will be chock full of helpful facts and stats that you can bring back to your manager, boss or executive team as evidence to invest or invest further in a VoC program.

6. Press pause on the agenda to enjoy a live podcast.

In breaking with that terrible habit of webinar monologues, we’ve envisioned a webinar in the form of a live podcast. Feel like chiming in when it’s over? This is a no BS conversation around CX in 2020. Your questions, feedback, and concerns are very welcome.

7. Now’s your chance, speak up and get social with it.

Join in the conversation by tweeting us your thoughts after the podcast, Harley and the Usabilla team are all ears. We’d love to hear your feedback, follow-up questions, comments and praise!

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