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6 of the Best Snapchat Campaigns

6 of the Best Snapchat Campaigns
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Snapchat is still a relatively new platform when it comes to brand marketing. Many businesses dismiss it outright thinking that it isn’t relevant to them, but as with any social media platform, it’s all about adapting it to suit your business and the content to your audience. So what exactly does a good Snapchat marketing campaign look like? Let’s take a look at 6 stellar examples of brands using Snapchat:

1. WWF: The Last Selfie

6 of the Best Snapchat Campaigns by Usabilla

We’ve included this campaign in a previous article, but it’s worth another mention here as it’s a great example of how using images on Snapchat can have a powerful emotional effect. The temporary nature of ‘snaps’ is an excellent way to create a sense of urgency, especially when raising awareness of animal extinction. Since their target group were Millennials, using Snapchat was the best way to find them. Within the first 3 days of the campaign, WWF collected enough money to meet their target for the entire month.

2. Taco Bell: Fourth Meal and Happier Hours

6 of the Best Snapchat Campaigns by Usabilla

Taco Bell’s Snapchat campaign was used to promote their new “Happier Hours” and “Fourth Meal” offers. Their motivation behind this was the perception that millennials are “timeless eaters” who “didn’t grow up on 3 strict meals per day”. The objective was to inspire millennials to get creative using their products and thereby “create content that travels.”

3. McDonald’s: Bacon Clubhouse Burger

6 of the Best Snapchat Campaigns by Usabilla

McDonald’s incorporated Snapchat into an influencer marketing campaign to promote their new Bacon Clubhouse Burger. McDonald’s was able to increase their follower base after sending out a ‘story’ video of nearly 40 seconds long including NBA star LeBron James and other athletes promoting the launch of the new menu item. Within the first hour of running this campaign, McDonald’s gained thousands of new followers.

4. Burberry: Testino’s 24-hour Fashion

Burberry Snapchat BW

With the goal of attracting a younger audience, Burberry has been going above and beyond with their Snapchat campaigns. They launched the first ‘24-hour fashion campaign’, which featured a series of photographs taken by renowned fashion photographer, Mario Testino, that then disappeared after 24 hours. These followers were given an exclusive first look at the brand’s newest models who were expected to be upcoming “catwalk superstars”.

5. Calvin Klein: #CKMeforME Self-Exploration Lab

6 of the Best Snapchat Campaigns by Usabilla

The objective of the #CKMeforME campaign was to increase engagement with millennials across Snapchat and Tumblr. Celebrities were asked to take videos and selfies of themselves in ‘their Calvins’ in a room that they called the “Self-Exploration Lab”. The campaign was then built around 200 videos and photos, which were sent out to followers asking them to Self(ie) Explore as well. This campaign produced 140 thousand views and 15% engagement.

6. Audi: Super Bowl

6 of the Best Snapchat Campaigns by Usabilla

Audi collaborated with The Onion to create funny pictures and copy that would entertain during the Super Bowl half time. What’s a better time to reach out to an audience of over 100 million people than during the Super Bowl, right? These images were used to poke fun at the dullness that comes during half time. Snapchat reported that Audi’s account was the fastest growing they had ever seen, with an increase in over 5000 people.

Do you think any of these Snapchat strategies would fit your brand? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @usabilla!

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