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Our 5 Favorite Articles On UX (May 2012)

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As community manager and writer at Usabilla, I stumble over quite a number of interesting articles every day. Whenever I read something interesting, I tweet or retweet it in the hope that more people will see and enjoy it. Now, twitter can be a tricky thing. People easily miss your stuff, especially if you are not persistent enough to tweet the same link over and over.

Today it’s the last day of the month and we would like to share with you our favorite articles from this month. Let me give you just a brief summary on each of them and then let you decide for yourself if they are worth your time. I bet they are, though.

So here are our 5 favorite articles from this month:

1. Comics and UX, Part 1: Cross-disciplinary Techniques

Comics and UX, Part 1: Cross-disciplinary Techniques by Rachel Nabors, published on UX Booth.

In this very inspiring article, the author Rachel Nabors shares the tricks of the trade that comickers use to lead a reader’s eyes across a page. The article offers great insights into how these basic techniques to craft stories can be used to sell widgets, promote ideas, or help users find what they are searching for. This is a great read for marketers, designers, UX specialists, and anyone who is involved in web design.

In her follow up article Comics and UX, Part 2: Flow and Content, Rachel explains how visual storytellers can help us to master flow and control the perceptions of our readers and bridge language barriers.

2. Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting

Quick Course On Effective Website Copywriting by Peep Laja, published on Smashing Magazine.

Copywriting is a central aspect of your website when you need people to do something, such as signing up or making a purchase. Peep Laja offers a great piece of content, guiding the reader through the right process and some key principles for effective copywriting. I recommend this article to anyone, who comes in contact with copywriting. Hiring a professional copywriter can be very expensive, which is one of the reasons why this is a valuable skill to have yourself.

3. 4 Steps to Cultivating Online Trust

4 Steps to Cultivating Online Trust by Wendy Lea, published on Mashable.

Just being present isn’t enough to build good customer relationships. Just like in real life, the key to building relationships is trust. Cultivating trust online is tricky and takes work, but is by no means impossible. Wendy Lea guides us through 4 steps that help us build trust and create real and long lasting relationships. A great read for marketers, community manages, or anyone who wants to engage with customers online.

4. Updated for 2012: The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

After the successful introduction of the first version of the Beginner’s Guide to SEO, SEOmoz felt it was time for a makeover. The updated version covers all areas of SEO in regard of advances in search over the last two years. From keyword discovery, to making a site search engine friendly, to link building, to marketing the unique value of your site’s offerings, nothing gets left out. I recommend this guide to everyone, who is not a SEO specialist already, but in one way or another involved in building a website or filling the same with content.

5. A Must Have Book Collection on UX

A Must Have Book Collection on UX by Paul Olyslager, published on

In this post, Paul Olyslager shares the cornerstones of his book collection on UX with us. The list includes 16 books that cover different topics from research to interface design, to usability, to information architecture. For both aspiring UXers and UX professionals, this list certainly includes some valuable inspiration.

Sabina Idler
Sabina was technical writer & UXer @Usabilla for 5 years before she started her own UX research and consultancy firm; UXkids. With UXkids, Sabina leverages her academic research expertise, know how in child development, and strategic vision to help companies build successful digital products for children. You can connect with Sabina on Linkedin or follow her on Twitter.