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Our 5 Favorite UX Articles (December 2013)

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The new year has finally been ushered in. Writing ‘2014’ still seems a tad odd, drawing up our new year’s resolutions, and beginning to look toward an exciting 12 months. Yet, with so much to look forward to, it is worth looking back for a moment to see what the previous 31 days had in store for us.

So, with so much quality content out there, we take one more look back at December 2013. We’ve compiled December’s best 5 articles we feel are interesting, invaluable or otherwise a must read for anyone with an interest in UX.

From last month’s top 5 UX articles, you’ll:

  • Take a look back at 2013’s top UX trends
  • Browse some of the best Flat Landing pages out there
  • Have a look at examples of great Parallax Design
  • Get your hands on some invaluable Cheat Sheets
  • Learn why Cool design is really Uncool

In no particular order:

1. The Top UX Trends of 2013

The Top UX Trends of 2013 by UX Magazine Staff, published on

“A lot has happened over the last 12 months, so we turned to our contributors and other members of the UX community for their notable trends of 2013. We asked why these things mattered, if they were positive for users and practitioners, and what kind of future the trend has in 2014. Along with some dynamic discussion of the Internet of Things, we heard about UX going mainstream, context-aware computing, Pinterestization, good old flat design, and more.
Now, grab an eggnog and settle in for our retrospective of 2013 UX trends.”
We begin with everyone’s go-to end of year content. The end of the year means end of year round ups.

UX Mag’s take involves looking back over the year, and towards the future at trends we’ve seen and ones to look forward to in the next 12 months.

A great overview, worth checking out in order to remember how the UX landscape changed in the past 12 months, and what we may expect in the future.

2. Website Design with Beautiful, Flat Landing Pages

Website Design with Beautiful, Flat Landing Pages by David Edwards, published on

“When promoting something using a landing page – whether it’s a product, software, or a service – there are a wide range of benefits to making sure the design is thought through properly. This is something that Apple know all too well – careful design runs through every landing page because they know that it can impact how their products are perceived to an enormous degree.”

A landing page represents the front door, the facade, to your website. It is the beginning of your visitors journey and subsequent experience. Keeping it to a high standard is therefore empirical.

Here, David shows us some great visual examples of what makes a great landing page – specifically product orientated ones. Giving an idea of different design techniques, and inspiration for the future.

3. The Essential Ingredients for Perfect Parallax UX

The Essential Ingredients for Perfect Parallax UX
by Ann Davlin published on Web Designer Depot.

“With so many web technologies, platforms and programming languages, web designers and developers are still searching for new opportunities to engage visitors and turn them into regular clients.

If you like forced perspective photography you will probably like Parallax scrolling websites too. The effect can produce very heavy sites, but used properly it does create a spectacular and engaging visual effect.”

Another catalog of examples. This time, Ann shows us numerous different ways in which Parallax Design has been utilized on sites. This technique saw a boom in 2013, one which will undoubtedly continue as web technologies continue to improve. The subsequent animations make for a unique experience, allowing designers to create extremely interesting pieces.

Here we are shown a few great examples of Parallax in action.

4. 10 Graphic Design Cheat Sheets

10 Graphic Design Cheat Sheets by Brian, published on Inspired Mag.

“Unless you have a photographic memory (and you do not, my friend), there is no way you can possibly retain so much specific information with error-free recall. Looking up the information every single time is cumbersome and time-wasting. Cheat sheets make it easy for you to quickly reference the information you need so you can stop searching for answers and get back to creating. As such, here are 10 indispensable graphic design cheat sheets you should print today.’”

As the author himself says, we can’t remember everything. Even with Google at our fingertips we still need a helping hand at times. So for you here, Brian has compiled 10 great infographics acting as excellent cheatsheets for everything from WordPress to Psychology!

5. Is Cool Design Really Uncool?

Is Cool Design Really Uncool by Addison Duvall, published on Speckyboy Design Magazine.

“Designers love to complain about ‘superficial’ design trends that they don’t feel have any staying power or contribute anything meaningful to the industry. But are they right?

Today we’re going to talk about design trends and new phenomena that get many designers pumped up, but that can also draw the ire of others who think the design industry is going down the tubes.”

Initially sounding somewhat contradictory, this great article discusses -as the title hints – how ‘Cool’ designs, aren’t always as they seem. Innovation for innovation’s sake is a crime committed by many. Nulling the famous phrase ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Addison comments on how to avoid going Uncool, whilst maintaining that innovation that we all desire.

Oliver McGough
Passionate UX Designer and Marketer.