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5 Digital Marketing Lessons From Gordon Ramsay

5 Digital Marketing Lessons From Gordon Ramsay by Usabilla
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Digital marketing and cooking are two completely unrelated things, right? Well, after binge-watching Gordon Ramsay’s shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares over the Thanksgiving weekend, I noticed a few digital marketing lessons to be learned from his kitchen philosophy. After all, he’s one of the world’s most successful chefs for a number of reasons. So what can a Michelin-star chef teach us about digital marketing?

1. Find Your Niche

Gordon Ramsay is all about differentiating your product and brand on Kitchen Nightmares. Especially because today’s market is overwhelmed by competition. So that means if you’re in an area where there are no steakhouses, you’ll probably be told to open a steakhouse…

Chef Ramsay looks for niche markets, and as a marketer, you should too. There’s no value in trying to be everything to everyone; find your niche and try to stand out from your competitors as much as possible.

2. ‘Tough Love’ is Good for You

5 Digital Marketing Lessons I've Learned from Gordon Ramsay By Usabilla

On Kitchen Nightmares, around 98% of restaurants shown are owned by people who are in complete denial about how bad their restaurant and/or food is. Then, as soon as Chef Ramsay gives his opinion, they get defensive and deny any responsibility. Later it becomes clear that the quicker these restaurant owners take responsibility for their mistakes or inaction, the better and faster the improvements are.

Knowing this, you should listen to your colleagues, employees, and customers when you want to improve your content. Hearing the truth isn’t always easy but in the end, the people who use your product or read your content are the people who matter to your business. So be open to feedback and criticism – this’ll give you the input you need to grow and give your customers the experience they’re looking for.

3. It All Starts and Ends With Your Customer

Restaurant owners are stubborn and think they know exactly what their customers want. Most of the time you see that the owners ignore their customers, which pushes them not to come back another time.

Marketers tend to hold onto certain elements or design formats without really taking into account what their current and potential users want. Remember: your site isn’t there for you, it’s there for your visitors. So in the words of Chef Ramsay, consider what your visitors want, not what you think is best.

4. Continuously Improve Your Product

5 Digital Marketing Lessons I've Learned from Gordon Ramsay By Usabilla

Gordon Ramsay always tries to get to know the owners of a restaurant, who’s cooking the food, and where the ingredients come from. He analyzes the complete product and process from start to finish. And wants to know whether the people responsible are in fact the ones who get the job done to the highest standard.

Your product and process should be the highest quality possible – this is one of the secrets to Chef Ramsay’s success. So continuously ask yourself (and your users) whether your product is where it needs to be and how your business can continue to grow.

5. Quality Above Everything Else

Something that makes chefs like Gordon Ramsay great is the value they place on the quality of a dish (their product). He holds everything and everyone in his kitchen to the highest standard (I mean have you seen Hell’s Kitchen?) and this way, a quality product is guaranteed.

As marketers, you should strive for the highest quality content as well. The work you put into your content and marketing efforts are proportional to the results they will deliver. Garbage in means garbage out – so maintain high quality standards and get quality engagement in return.

Are there any digital marketing lessons you’ve learned from an unlikely source? We’d love to hear from you – Let us know in the comments or tweet us @usabilla.

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