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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in UX

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in UX by Usabilla
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Most companies know they should be investing in UX but many are still unsure why. What’s the real value of UX, and how can you justify the need from a business perspective?  We’ve listed 4 of the main reasons why spending time, money and effort on UX now is actually good for long-term success. Which of these would be most important to your business?

1. It Fosters Loyalty

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in UX by Usabilla

The experience your users have is vital to increasing the chance that they’ll come back to your site in the future and also, spread the word about your product or service. Negative user experiences are remembered more easily than positive ones and, therefore, tend to have a greater impact on users’ impressions of your product or service. By continuously providing a positive UX, you gain the trust of your users as you meet their expectations. This, in turn, fosters your customers’ long-term loyalty to your brand.

2. It Increases Customer Satisfaction

UX is all about putting the needs of your customers first. And by taking a user-centric approach to your site, you’ll be able to understand exactly what it is your customers are looking for. If you know what your users want from your product or service, you’re more likely to meet their expectations. Generally, you should think of your users’ needs as being your product goals as well. This is a good opportunity for you to outshine your competitors – if they aren’t meeting a potential need, you should do your best to do so!

 3. More Time Means More Money

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in UX by Usabilla

The reason here’s quite simple: the more time a user spends on your site, the more likely they are to spend money on you. The more your UX meets your users’ goals, the more likely it is that they will make a buying decision. Bear in mind though that your offer is probably not the only one your users are looking at. So if your users aren’t able to complete the actions they want to on your website, the higher the chance is that they’ll drop-off.

4. You’ll Waste Less Resources

If you’re investing a lot of development time into creating a user experience that isn’t bringing in a positive ROI, you’re wasting valuable resources. By analyzing the UX of your site, you can create an experience that’s tailored to your users needs. In doing so, it’s less likely that you’d have to adapt your content at a later stage or fix bugs to create a good UX. By focusing on UX from the get go, you’ll produce something that will always meet the needs of your users.


A good user experience is fast becoming the most important differentiating factor for businesses. If a user has a negative experience while engaging with your brand, even just once, chances are they won’t come back. Online decisions are made by how appealing and usable your site is and how well it facilitates the desired actions of your users. You only have seconds to create a positive impression that might take you hours to design but if the UX is good, the return is likely to be tenfold.

What do you think is main reason businesses should invest in UX? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @usabilla.

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