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4 Reasons to Choose Usabilla Over the Competition

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Feedback has certainly changed how companies carry out business. With customers now shaping brand stories via social media and review sites, it’s vital companies tune in to the voice of the customer or risk falling behind.

Selecting the right feedback management tool is a strong first step, but determining the clear winner is not always straightforward. Fortunately, an independent research firm has eliminated the guesswork by breaking down which qualities matter most so you can find a solution that works for you.

Since we started 10 years ago, Usabilla has guaranteed a best-in-class offering ready to tackle the ever-complex customer journey. Now, it’s not just us saying it. The report outlines how Usabilla stacks up against competitors: PulseInsights, ForeSee, iperceptions, and OpinionLab.

Here are four reasons why Usabilla is ranked with top marks.

  1. It’s easy to implement and use (less effort is key!)

Score: 5 out of 5

Implementing new solutions can be complex. Usabilla’s solution is not only easy to implement, but it’s ranked easiest to use. Just see the scorecard below. ForeSee ranked 3 out of 5, iperceptions 1 out of 5, OpinionLab 1 out of 5, Pulse Insights 3 out of 5.

When it comes to overall implementation, we guarantee a quick time-to-value.

In typically less than 30 minutes, Usabilla is ready to go live on your website, app or email. By the time the solution is live, you’ll be shocked that no development resources were needed.

Not to mention, setting up the feedback button (i.e. customizing the color, size and font you like) will also take no more than 5 minutes. These features can be adjusted at any time and by anyone, regardless of technical expertise.

We’re proud to say that Usabilla customers are known to rave about how easy this process is on their end:

“The implementation process was very easy and straightforward and Usabilla supported us very well throughout the process. They have been very proactive about sharing best practices and this has helped us maximise the value we get from the solution. It’s helping to drive change within the organisation.”

John Edwards, Senior Product Manager, NRL

2. It features strong data sharing capabilities

Score: 5 out of 5

Customer feedback brings valuable insights, and adding this data to your existing tech stack will create the 360 customer view. Usabilla’s strong API capabilities empower organizations to enrich their databases with feedback insights.

The beauty of Usabilla’s data sharing capability is that it serves you the data exactly where you need it, without the need to hop from one system to the other.

Usabilla’s integration potential allows feedback items to easily be shared with Salesforce dashboards and Google Analytics, along with ticketing systems (e.g. Jira), session recording software, A/B testing software (e.g. Optimizely) and data management platforms (e.g. Tealium), to name a few. 

Easy analysis in this way is especially key as tech ecosystems continue to grow. The last thing you need is another disparate tool to add to your stack.

3. It offers a best-in-class approach to reporting

Score: 5 out of 5

Our capturing capabilities are noted with high marks, but feedback data is only as valuable as your ability to make sense of it. Our dashboards and reporting ensure that feedback captured throughout the entire digital journey from websites, apps and emails is translated into actionable customer insights. 

Usabilla offers a range of feedback collection methods, ensuring a thorough approach to how your customers experience your site.

Our solution allows you to combine active feedback (surveys) and passive feedback (feedback button), before our reporting potential steps in to help you extract value.

In fact, our reporting service offers text analysis capabilities that allow you to easily glance at what customers are talking about most and to easily share the insights with your colleagues. 

4. It stands out with rich targeting options (the right audience, the right moment!)

Score: 5 out of 5

Goodbye, survey fatigue. Annoying your customers with irrelevant surveys is the last thing you want to do. And it’s one thing to make the claim, but when it comes to targeted surveys, Usabilla ranks with a 5 out of 5 score. Just see the scorecard above. ForeSee ranked 1 out of 5, iperceptions 1 out of 5, OpinionLab 1 out of 5, Pulse Insights 3 out of 5.  

With targeting options based on web page, user behavior, interactions and custom variables, your survey reaches relevant people.

Imagine a survey request is enabled at the exact moment you start filling in a form or creating a new playlist in Spotify, our targeting capabilities trigger surveys at key points in the customer journey and on very specific pages on the website (e.g. check-out). 

Why not trigger surveys around certain custom variables? With Usabilla, you can target only the gold members in the KLM app or only people with over 500 euros in their shopping cart, for instance. By tailoring the timing and placement of surveys, your customers will appreciate the effort to understand their journey.

Would you like to read more? Download the report from Forrester.

Meghan Horvath
Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla. She's a Chicago-native with a love for wine, French podcasts and running Amsterdam's canals at sunrise.