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Usabilla 2018 Year in Review

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Looking back on 2018, Usabilla made great strides in just one year and all in the name of better customer experiences.

With the expansion of our Amsterdam headquarters, countless events and collaborative meetups, recognition by Forrester and G2 Crowd as a leader in Voice of Customer and feedback and nearly 70 new faces joining our team worldwide, we’re proud of how far we’ve come.  

Beyond our own successes and achievements, as customer experience (CX) professionals it’s interesting to look back and pause on the things that really changed how we work in the CX industry.

Where once customer feedback was limited to periodic, haphazard user tests, this year CX took the stage, earning its place as a top business objective for more and more organizations as it should.

CX milestones in 2018

Our End of Year recap outlines five of the milestones that changed CX for good in 2018. Here are the headlines to give you a taste of what you’ll find on the page.

    1. The cost of bad CX was never so clear


    1. Technologies merged


    1. ‘Voice of Employee’ became a thing


    1. Chatbots: what they did and didn’t do


  1. NPS: not the holy grail (the real winner: this pyramid)


Forrester’s CX predictions

We were honored to be included in Forrester’s Now Tech report in October this year and were equally thrilled about the webinar hosted with Forrester analyst Faith Adams on Thursday, December 6th where we covered CX Predictions going forward into 2019. You can watch the full webinar recording by registering here.

To highlight the main points of the session, Forrester predicts:

    1. Destructive price wars caused by stagnating CX quality


    1. CX transformations to rank higher as a business objective


    1. With abounding opportunities, CX pros will flee frustrating gigs


    1. Customer success management will grow for B2B


  1. UX professionals will evolve from doer to leader


A word from our CEO

As we close out the year, our CEO Marc van Agteren looks back on 2018, reflecting on Usabilla’s growth and in light of the Forrester predictions, considering what will change in 2019.

Where many organizations had limited CX professionals with a lagging CX focus, the role of customer centricity will spill into other teams more than ever before in 2019. And in what became a phrase so repeated it became stale, Marc explains ‘digital transformation’ and how real change takes time and starts with innovation, which Usabilla has planned in the year ahead.

From company growth, an age of smarter surveys & expanded CX teams for 2019, Marc van Agteren outlines what’s ahead. Check out our Year in Review, and read Marc’s article in full to see his predictions for the year to come.

The world of Usabilla

In 2018, the world of Usabilla grew loads and will continue to soar. With our offices in Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam, London and New York, our teams and customers span the globe. 

Check out the main industries we cover worldwide following our interactive map. We attached a few customer highlights per industry so you can see where our VoC solution is already in action.

While you’re here, have a look at the faces and places you’ll find Usabilla in our best Instagram stories compilation!

What’s next?

Why start 2019 shooting in the dark wondering how to delight your customers? Join us for a 1-on-1 conversation that’s tailored to your team.

We’ll show how our ten years of expertise can prepare your organization for what’s next. Sign up now and let’s tackle your game plan for 2019 together.

For now we wish you a happy 2019; let’s make it count!

Meghan Horvath
Meghan is a Marketing Content Writer at Usabilla. She's a Chicago-native with a love for wine, French podcasts and running Amsterdam's canals at sunrise.