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16 Inspiring App Landing Pages And 8 Reasons Why They Are Effective

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Landing pages. We have all heard of them and most of us know they are important. Why? As the word says: A landing page is where people first ‘land’ when they visit your website. This can be because they followed an add, found your site on google, or simply typed in you URL in their browser window because they know about your site from any other source.

When people land on your site, there are a couple of requirements your landing page should meet. For example, you should offer some recognizable features to make sure people know they came to the right site. You should also have a pretty clear picture of why people visit your site in the first place. Only then know their motivations and you can offer them the exact information they hope to find. And of course, you should make sure people know what to do next. A big call to action is an effective way to take your visitors by the hand and assist them as they enter your website.

So what is it that makes a good landing page? What are the elements that can support both your own goals and those of your visitors?

I took a look around and found that one product category had by far the most straightforward landing pages: Mobile apps. And actually, I wasn’t surprised. Mobile apps usually don’t come with a lot of content. All they need is one good landing page that appeals to people, informs them, and triggers them to get the app. That’s it.

Here are 16 inspiring app landing pages – and 8 things you can do to make your own landing page more effective:

1. Show your product or service

First of all, make sure your visitors know they have landed on the right site. Think about where they came from and what it was that triggered their attention and motivated them to visit your site. Then use this reference point to create a sense of recognition on your site.

If people know your company, make sure to show your logo and maybe some characteristic colors that come with it. Were people intrigued by your product or service and do they want to learn more about it? Then present your product in a way that makes them recognize it instantly. Did people land on your site by chance? Make sure you draw their attention and offer them something worth staying.










The app taxibeat welcome their visitors with a clear focus on their product. You can watch a video, read some text, or scroll through the entire site for any additional information.









The mobile payment solution judo also shows how the app works and what it looks like. You can click through a series of screenshots to get a better feeling of the app.

2. Demonstrate functionality

An interesting feature on your landing page could be answering the question: “How does it work?” Not only the what, but also the how is important to people. Besides, product demonstrations can be a lot of fun and are a great way to get your visitors engaged.

For example, you could come up with an interactive demo that rewards people with facts or entertaining elements for taking action. Or you can demonstrate your product or service in a video. People love videos as they offer a very quick and easy way to acquire information.










Groopic show a very prominent video on their landing page. The video explains – in a personal and funny way – how the app works and why you should hit one of those buttons on the left to get it.









The mobile payment app Paddle also makes us of a smart video to demonstrate its functonality. Within no time, it’s clear what the app does and more even – how simple it is to use.

3. Focus & Minimalism

Another important aspect for any landing page is a clear focus. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with too much information, or even too much design. Keep it simple and focus on what’s most important.

If you don’t even know what matters, how are people – who visit your site for the first time – supposed to know? This doesn’t mean you should remove secondary, or more detailed information from your site for good (actually, if it’s information that no one ever needs, you should). Rather, it means that you should decide what’s important and make everything else accessible once people have decided to dive deeper into your site.









The app loudie is a perfect example of how to keep it simple. Sure, there is not a lot of information anyways. Still, the site is very clean and both the focus of the site and the desired action are clear.










The app climagram has also chosen for a very simple design. Even though there is shadowy background image and subtle animations of the screen, the site is very clean and there is a clear focus.

4. Emotional appeal

Another important aspect for an effective landing page is a good sphere. Depending on the product or service you are selling, personal attachment, or even identification is important. With emotional design elements, you can appeal to your visitors on a more holistic level than with plain information.

For example, with images, or background images, you can add a strong emotional factor to your design. You can create desires and fantasies and you can convince people of your product without even using words for that. Eventually, you can take it as far as to sell the feelings and lifestyle that come with your product, rather than selling your product itself.









Human is an app that helps people move 30 minutes or more per day. Every day. The idea behind the app is to help people stay healthy and make them feel good about themselves. Their landing page reflects just that: Living a healthy and happy lifestyle.










The landing page of the video app Yidio also makes us of the power of emotions. Besides some general information about the app, they show a big video, so big that it’s almost impossible to miss. The video is funny and very easy to relate to – a perfect combination to get people hooked.

5. Guide your visitors

Of course, it is important to guide your visitors. That is not only because it’s a nice thing to help them reach their goals quickly. It’s also important, because you want them to engage in a certain activity, or take a certain action on your site.

Don’t leave it to chance whether or not people figure out ‘the next step’ on their own. Because if they don’t, they will leave. Make sure you offer enough clues to guide them towards your desired action.








The app POP has a very simplistic landing page with a clear call to action. There is no confusion whatsoever of what should be the next step.*









The app Flowerly has a very colorful and rather busy landing page. Still, the orange call to action button in the bottom right corner takes in a central role, drawing our attention and inviting us to try the app.

6. Make your product or service tangible

Besides explaining and demonstrating your product, you can make it even more tangible by inviting your visitors to try it out. Sure, not everything is digital and not everything digital can be experienced within a web interface. However, there are no limits to your creativity and for many products, it is possible to offer at least some level of realism considering the advanced web technologies available today.

Letting your visitors experience your product or service is not only highly engaging and fun. It also gives them a good idea of what to expect before they decide if it’s right for them or not. Also, giving people the feeling that you have nothing to hide, and that your are not tricking them into doing a blind bargain, makes you more trustworthy.








The app ParkMe allows you to try out their main functionality on the website before you go ahead and download the app. This way you can get familiar with the functionality and also test if this is something you would actually use.








FastConsumer is a smart service that helps people spend waiting times for customer support more efficiently. To see if the app is useful to you, the website allows you to search their company database to see if your company of interest is available.

7. pay attention to the design

Obviously, a nice design can be a very pleasant and personal way to greet new visitors on your site. The visual appeal of a site is important as it greatly affects our first impression. Whether or not we think positively about a brand of product is essential for doing business.

Also, the visual appeal of digital media tells us a lot about its quality – at least that’s what we often believe. A beautiful and professional design indicates high quality. Bad design on the other hand has the exact opposite effect.

Besides making your site more trustworthy, a beautiful design also makes people curious and hungry for more. The best premise for getting people to engage with your site.










bikn has a very playful and colorful landing page. While one part of the design is rather wild, there is also very calm counterpart, which creates a clear and professional look and feel. The overall design is very appealing, with just the right amount of creativity and focus.










For Statnut, an app that cumulates all your web statictics, design is an important aspect in general. They describe their app as “lovely and colorful” and the same thing holds true for their landing page. Design clearly takes in a central role here, creating a very pleasant and desirable feel around the app.

8. Use subtle animations

Last but not least, you can use subtle animations to draw your visitors attention, or simply to make your landing page more fun. The focus here lies on ‘subtle’. Don’t exaggerate, don’t confuse your visitors, and most of all, don’t draw all their attention away from what really matters.

Animations can be used to make your product look more realistic, or to place it in a more realistic setting. When using animations to attract attention, make sure you think it through first. Where do you want people to look? In which order? And what do you want them to do?










The app Languages uses two different animations to tell a story. Both the background and the screen change, showing different use cases. This effect is rather simple, yet very effective as it perfectly demonstrated the basic idea of the app: Instant offline translation.









The landing page of JustLanded also uses subtle animations to add context to the app. The clouds move, while a plane is flying across the screen. There is nothing more to it than making the site more fun and appealing, and maybe more attractive so people are more likely to hit that orange CTA.

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