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12 of the Best Online UX Resources

Best UX resources - Usabilla
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Here at Usabilla, we love finding and sharing great UX content; over the years, we’ve come across hundreds of online resources – some good, some great and some we can’t live without! We’ve complied our favourites (in no particular order) into one handy list for you to enjoy and share.

1. Smashing Magazine

Established online magazine for professional web designers and developers; check out their dedicated UX Design category for practical tips, useful guidelines, best practices and case studies.

Smashing Magazine - Usabilla blog

2. UXPin

Thoughtful content on mobile & web prototyping, wireframing, mockups, usability testing, project management, design process & more. Their expansive ‘freebies’ section is a veritable goldmine of ebooks and design kits!

UXPin - Usabilla

3. UX Magazine

A central, one-stop resource for everything related to user experience; great for instruction, opinion and analysis.

UX Magazine - Usabilla

4. Nielsen Norman Group

Veteran user experience firm offering a huge collection of ‘evidence-based’ research, articles and reports.

Nielsen Norman Group

5. UX Booth

Online publication by and for the user experience community. In their own words, “anyone interested in making the web a better place to be is welcome”.

UX Booth - Usabilla

6. A List Apart

This popular site explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

A List Apart - Usabilla

7. UX Movement

A progressive user experience blog that’s devoted to improving the way designers create user interfaces.

UX Movement - Usabilla

8. The Hipper Element

Visually bold collection of articles, quotes and resources curated by Experience Architect Joel Marsh.

The Hipper Element - Usabilla

9. 52 Weeks of UX

Does what it says on the tin: one post per week for one year, by Joshua Porter and Joshua Brewer.

52 Weeks of UX - Usabilla

10. Usability Geek

This site covers a range of topics from UX and interfaces to conversion and optimization –  a slightly more varied roster than other UX sites.

Usability Geek - Usabilla


11. Usability Post

Dmitry Fadeyev is a developer, designer and blogger that writes and shares content about UX and Usability on this minimal, blog-style site.

Usability Post - Usabilla


This incredibly useful site has a collection of links, blogs, books, methods, events and tools to keep updated about what’s happening in User Experience Design.

…12 and a half. Medium

Although not technically a site dedicated to UX, we thought Medium was worth a mention. Its aggregated content offers some truly great articles, which can be can discovered and filtered by tag, author or publication. Definitely worth exploring!

Medium - Usabilla

Do you know of any others we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Lana Miller
Content & Brand Manager at Usabilla.