12 Must-Read Blogs for Ecommerce Professionals
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12 Must-Read Blogs for Ecommerce Professionals

on / by Sudar Ganes

As you may already know, we at Usabilla recently re-launched our blog with a new design and a new blog category: eCommerce.

We’ve always been involved in the world of UX and Web Design but jumping into ecommerce was a new challenge. To become inspired and informed we did our research and investigated current trends, popular blogs and the best writers around. These are our top picks:



Econsultancy is a gold mine of resources for ecommerce, Digital Marketing and UX. They work with a global community of experts and industry leaders to  provide the latest insights in the form of blogs, research, events and training. They cover just about anything that will help your business thrive in the digital age.  We’ve found many great reads for all our areas of interests.  Take a look!


Ecommerce UX Design

ecom UX

At Usabilla we breathe and preach UX and Design principles. Good UX design can make or break the success of your ecommerce business. ecommerce UX Design is on board with our thinking. The site provides a very interesting space for individuals and businesses alike to learn about the key components of good UX applied to ecommerce. Using custom made wireframes, articles and ebooks they can help you improve the shopping experience on your ecommerce store with the best UX practices.

Volusion Insights


Volusion is an ecommerce platform that has a mighty powerful Insights Blog. As an industry-leading company their blog features topics on ecommerce, design and marketing. They provide inspiration, valuable information and an abundance of resources to help establish and grow online businesses. Click to find great posts on social media, UX, design and SEO as they pertain to ecommerce.


A Better Lemonade Stand 


A Better Lemonade Stand is a spectacular blog by ecommerce Guru Richard Lazazzera. The site aims to act as a virtual incubator for ecommerce businesses. With his experience he writes and aims to help inspire and cultivate entrepreneurs. He even has a set goal of creating  20000 new entrepreneurs by the end of 2015. Check out this great site and blog for sweet resources.


Big Commerce 

Big Commerce is another ecommerce platform that serves behind startups and big businesses from all over the world. The Big Commerce blog features informative articles, the latest news and expert advice in the world of ecommerce.


3D Cart Ecommerce


3dcart’s Blog is filled with everything ecommerce related. With a little bit of digging through categories you can find just about anything you would need to know. Some popular topics include ecommerce Basics,Marketing, Customer Service and Online Holiday Shopping.


Shopify Blog

If smart sales strategies, best practices and psychological ecommerce theories appeal to you then the Shopify blog is something you have to see. Featuring blog posts that equate to ecommerce gold from industry experts and brilliant in-house writers, what’s not to love? The articles are easy to read, feature plenty of images, the occasional infographic and neat resources.




An advocate of Social Commerce and with a strong belief in making ecommerce Simple ecwid makes selling online as easy as uploading a YouTube video. Their blog is simple and easy to follow along, while featuring interesting posts on how to sell online without even needing a proper ecommerce website.


Bootstrapping Ecommerce


Blogger and ecommerce professional Shabbir Noorudin’s unique blog stands up for the little guy. The everyday person stepping into the fast-moving world of ecommerce and online sales. He believes that you don’t need $1,000,000 to compete with Amazon. He claims it begins with a strong work ethic and a lot of perseverance. His blog features his writing on working with tight budgets to help people with ecommerce marketing. Here you’ll find topics on SEO, PPC, Social Media and much more.

Buffer Blog


Need some inspiration or help kickstarting your social media efforts? Buffer has got you covered. Learn everything social media related to help you promote your business in a smart and strategic way. You can learn a lot from the creative work and writing of “Content Crafter” Kevan Lee. His writing is informative and easy to follow.

Practical Ecommerce

pracrtical comm

Marketing, Conversions, Carts & Platforms, Social Media, SEO & Designing for ecommerce are many of the things that this site covers. Professional advice given in the form of articles, written by consultants, bloggers, and marketing wizards! You gotta check it out!




Kissmetrics is a great resource for fresh content, brilliant infographics, marketing guides, informative webinars and other ecommerce resources. We’ve found many neat infographics here that have actually inspired some of our ebooks. Take a look and maybe even sign up for one of their fun webinars!


Did We Miss Something?

If you think we forgot another amazing blog that you would recommend, please give us a shout on Twitter or leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!


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Sudar Ganes

As an experienced researcher in the fields of marketing, sociology and UX, he is intrigued by the ways that users think and interact. Translating these insights ultimately helps in better product development and marketing.

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